You will learn to: o define digital media o assess a range of digital media products o recognize and select different digital media data types o describe the purpose FAA digital media product o explain and perform digitization of a selected data type using appropriate hardware o select and use appropriate file formats o discuss and manipulate factors that affect file size o examine the display and distribution of digital media products o select and deliver digital media products for a targeted audience o design, produce and evaluate a digital media product o critically analyses a range of digital media products based on identified evaluation criteria Revision What is the difference between word processing e. G. Word and Desktop publishing e. G. Publisher? Include examples where each is used/applications. (Word, is a program to create, write and set straight.. An application that is used to make portfolios, To pitch ideas, To create stories it can be used even for 1ST tasks… Such as this one. ) (Publisher is a program to Present, Advertise and to make content.

An application to make flyers, To pitch marketing campaigns, To make brochures to sell products… It can be used for even 1ST Tasks such as the perfect company. ) View the documents: Graphics files Video files Audio files What are common file types for each of the following (you may also add others that re not listed in the above documents): Graphics Video Audio WAVE is an uncompressed audio format. MPH is a compressed audio doormat. What are the advantages and disadvantages of uncompressed and compressed audio formats. Read the textbook page 198 – 206 By manipulate, we mean edit or alter. A large part of the creativity that computers give users is their ability to manipulate digital data.

In this unit, we will be looking at common ways to manipulate graphics data, audio data, and video and animation data. Text What are some of the common word processing manipulations? State two manipulation techniques for text which could assist a disabled person. (answer here) Manipulating graph hiss data Two of the simplest and most commonly performed processes on graphic images are: resizing and cropping Resizing Resizing (also called ‘sizing’) alters the physical size of the image, usually to make it smaller. What problems can occur if you resize an image by trying to make it larger? (It has an extremely high chance that if you have a small picture and make it big , that it will become peculated. List some graphics editing steward programs. Paint,Photos,Adobe illustrator,lead photo express,corer pictographic,fastened image editor,Glop,loran view,Honest photo life,magic effect photo editor,retreated,adobe photos extended,art rage studio pro,Corralled,Painter,Peculator,Paint. Net,Aperture,Drawls,Picas,life,Photodiode tort,Seedcases,Footballer,capture pro,Picture Merge Pro,Digital Studio 2010,Photo Explosion,Zone Photo Studio,Magic,Chases Draw SEES,Bible Labs,Kneecap,Paints,Photostats,Pixie,DXL Optics pro,Ribbed,FIX Photo Studio and Pixie. ) Pictures you take on your digital camera can be many times bigger than your imputer screen.

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The images may be scaled down temporarily so they fit on your screen when you are viewing them. What are others reasons you may need to reduce the size of an image? (Some websites have data limits e. G KGB and your photo may be bigger than this so if you reduce the size it can meet the size criteria. ) Reducing the size of an image, reduces data size and therefore the quality of the image. If you have a very large image inserted into a document, how does it affect the file size? (It will add a substantial amount of memory onto the document so you may ant to lower your image sizes. ) How does it affect the speed of loading the document? (Depending how big the document and or the photo(s) are it can be very minor or drastic.

Cropping Cropping removes unwanted parts from the sides of an image – like using a pair of scissors to trim around a traditional photograph. What are the similarities between cropping and resizing? (They both affect the size of the image, and its border) What is the difference between warping and morphing?