Kate Fernando Ms. Turner English 155 September 12. 2013 Rough Draft Whether we see or hear something bad happening in our society today, we sometimes ignore what goes on because were too busy with our everyday lives. From time to time, we hear or see that bad things also happen at night. That’s why parent’s chose to give their children a curfew. Parent’s want their children to be safe inside their own home rather than running around at night until morning. Children who grow up and have a curfew sometimes think that their parent’s are being unfair because they can’t be out for a long time and have to be home at a certain time.

What parent’s need to teach their kids is that bad things don’t Just happen in the morning but can also happen at night. Children who get home early can be in bed earlier and have a good night sleep because they need all of that energy for when they go to school the next day. Teens can also have more time for activities of their own if they’re not around the streets. Although, it is a wise thing to give parent’s their kids a curfew, there’s another side to it. If a teen has any after school activities and it has to last past curfew then how would they make it work if they need to be home before time?

Parent’s who don’t stop their children from breaking the rules could face a 100 fine on the first offense. The third one could get them in Jail with a $500 fine. Parent’s worry less about arrest and teens being in inappropriate places. This helps the community because teens that are out late are more involved in bad behavior like vandalism, sexual activities and violence. Another reason why curfews help is because some teens would get scared of getting caught for being out and committing crimes. Most parent’s of kids who get in trouble are strict and follow the law.

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What a aren’t should do is that they shouldn’t give in. They’re at a point in life when they are pushing boundaries. It’s understood that kids need their freedom but it’s also understood that parent’s get worried about them being friends with their friends that sometimes they forget that their children need guidance and structure in order to survive on their own later in life. There’s nothing wrong with setting a curfew for 11 PM for children who are under 18. The bad side to giving children curfew is they’re going to rebel against their parent’s.

Any rules you give to anyone, some are going to bend it little by little to he point where they think they control anything. That’s where any parent has to put their foot down and show their kids the consequences that go along with it. Here’s another few arguments on some people think that teenagers shouldn’t be given a curfew besides them being a rebel. When teenagers have to come in the house at a certain time they feel that they need to get everything done in the house. It also makes teenagers want to sneak out more.

If curfews were a little later they would have a better chance of going in the house before they have to and staying out of trouble. Some teens don’t like going home early because if they have a problem, they would rather chose to be out Witt no worries. They like to think and be alone. Teenagers feel like they aren’t growing up by having a curfew. They feel like they are being looked after like children. Teens and children need to feel like their parent’s have some trust in them. Some people think that setting curfews on teens is meaning less and a waste of money.

They think that even though a curfew or a rule is given, people think that everything will solve the problem. The reality is sometimes it doesn’t. Rules will still be broken. The bad thing about curfew is that the temptation teens have to break the curfew because it is in every teen to do the opposite of what people tell them to do. No matter what anyone does, teens are still out and committing crimes and getting arrested. Curfews are there to help teens, but they can also be pointless as well. These are some cons that go a long with giving teens a curfew.

The way that I see it though is giving teens and curfew is a good idea. I say that because growing up I was given a curfew. Although people think that it doesn’t work, it actually does sometimes. It all depends on the type of environment people grow up in and the kind of disciplined they get. One other problem is that teens that have Jobs and they need to work at night. They shouldn’t be punished for it because it’s not their fault that they have to work. When you’re out at a certain time, there will be a lot of police monitoring the place but why should you be monitored as well if you’re not doing anything bad.

What I realized while trying to learn more about writing this paper is that there are more cons than pros to children who have a curfew. A lot of research that Eve one always says that the reason why these curfews and rules are given to kids who have a lot to learn is that they can become prepared once they’re on their own. Another part of my research is that kids need their sleep. If they’re out all night, they won’t be able to concentrate the next day. They could end up sleeping during class time and get them in trouble.

Depending on the cultural background people come from, it’s different in every household. There are some parent’s who give their children a curfew because of how they were raised and then there are some parent’s who don’t give their children a refer or any rules because they weren’t raised like that. There’s nothing wrong with how parent’s raise their children. Sometimes it’s about the discipline and if children can make it on their own later on in life. Why I even chose to talk about this topic is also because of the way that I grew up. I was given all these rules and also had a curfew.

Growing up I never understood why my parent’s were being so strict but then I realized that they’re only doing that because there are a lot of things going on it the world. I also used to think that they were being unfair because I’m a girl and I’m the baby of the family. I also realized that some girls don’t easily get away with things because although we hate to admit it, sometimes thing easily happen when you’re a girl rather than a boy. My parent’s let my brother do things that I couldn’t do. Sometimes I resented them for that but now I appreciate what they do.

Like I talked about earlier in my paper about is that depending on where you come from the rules are different. Teens go on and on about how their parent’s treat them like kids because they don’t get enough freedom. I know how that is but what some people don’t realize is that they only want what’s best for us. Just like if you grow up in the Philippines. People who live in metro manila think that it’s unnecessary. Curfews aren’t given Just because your parent’s come trot a deterrent culture, it’s given because of your own protection.

It’s more about understanding why giving a curfew especially since in our community throughout the years have been bad. Even though things happen during the day, it can also happen at night as well. The problem with the generation today is that people like to show off. Once they hear that their own peer gets to stay out late, they want to do the same. The most pressure a teen gets is hen they’re in high school. A lot of kids think that they can do what they want Just because they turn 16 or 18 and have a car. Some kids don’t, so they get Jealous and find a way to get what they want. That’s when they start to rebel against their parent’s.

They argue until they get what they want. Some of my family and friends that Eve spent time with, told me while they were growing up, they used to sneak out while their parent’s were sleeping because they wanted to hangout with their friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. I get that we like to do things while were growing up because f all the temptations there are in the world but sometimes the things we decide to do aren’t the best decisions we make. The only best way to have some what of a compromise when you’re young and you want to be out late more is to tell your parent’s where you’re at and who you’re with.

Some people don’t even bother to tell them where they’re at and come home late. They expect not to get in trouble when they get home. One other reason why it’s a good idea for you tell your parent’s where you’re at is so that they don’t go on and call the police that can save a lot of trouble for everyone. Another way to make things eater if you’re going to be out late is that you can have a friend or someone with you so that way if you’re out late and you tell you’re parent’s your with someone they know then that could also save a lot of arguments.

Another thing I would like to talk about learning from experience is one of my cousins. She grew up from a broken family. It was only my aunt, my cousin and her sister together for more than 18 plus years. My two cousins are very different from each other. The other one follows the rules and doesn’t do anything bad. Her sister on the other hand grew up to be a rebel. While he was in middle school, she would chose to hangout with her friends rather than do homework or stay in the house. One time we heard that her mom had called the police because she wasn’t inside her room.

She had snuck out through the window to go hangout with her friends late a night. She came home the next day with her mom so worried that she got grounded and wasn’t allowed to go out for a while. Now my stories are different because like I said, I grew up differently. My parent’s believed that it was best for them to set rules for me not because they’re being unfair but simply because they care. Especially when my brother left for college. I was the last one in the house besides my parent. I had a lot of chores to do and make sure I was doing well in school.

From what I can remember is that during school hours, I was limited to hanging out with friends because my parent’s wanted me to do focus on school and hangout later when I got done with everything. I found out from some of my friends that even though we had school, we were still allowed to hangout. I started to become a rebel and I decided to not do well in school because of how some of my family members and friends are allowed to do things that I couldn’t do. That eventually caught up to me and I faced serious consequences.

After all the things that I did from before, I learned not to do it again. It’s always a learning experience when we do things. Sometimes we nave to learn the nard way bettor we can really understand that what we isn’t a good idea. What teens like to do is they like to explore new things and that’s good. The only problem with teens wanting to explore new things is that it’s not always a good thing to do that. This is one of the things that could get teens into serious trouble as well. The problem with our enervation today is that children want to grow up faster.

They want to be able to do things on their own. They think that they don’t need help. One big part of the reason why giving a curfew is a good idea is because teens don’t understand that if drink and drive, they can cause accidents. What’s worse is that they could end up killing someone. With all the research I have done, in my opinion. I think that it wouldn’t hurt for a parent to give their kids a curfew because they’ll learn to have a better relationship with their own kids. Kids also learn to be more responsible.