Here is no second opinion about what human beings want in life. What makes a man happy is freedom. Freedom to rule and to have everything one can wish for and that eventually gives birth to greed. Greed, the one word, one attitude and one voice at the bottom which leads to corruption. Like the universal problem this devil of corruption has existed in all ages leaving undone effects from the heart of Rome to Shakespearean Hamlet, from literature to music, from each society to each government man has never been free from this throughout history , people on top lulling weaker taking ill legal benefits out of what weak men need.

Corruption has clung to mankind like an incurable disease take away peace of minds as the machinery of Government has been rusted badly and ceased to work in the intended manner . Democracy was meant to liberate man from this bondage. The laws, documented well in papers, were supposed to ensure freedom and dignity to everyone. But due to some causes and circumstances such as greed, the thing called democracy has turned out to be dissimilar to the old regimes. The circle of corruption and impunity is Just too strong and spreading its roots all over the world.

The factor that contributes to the prevalence of corruption differs from country to country. It is like a flood situation. Everyone is in water. Money and power are the only available tiny dry mounts where one can escape. Hence everyone is trampling upon each other to reach there. There is a maddening struggle for grabbing it. It is plain, simple and transparent fact of life, except a small minority, everyone who seek governmental power is doing it for the purpose of amassing wealth, and for ensuring

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The duty of youth to challenge irruption but unfortunately they are the most that has been affected. One of the reasons for corrupting the youth is giving them the wrong kind of instructions such as telling them to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. Youth, the constructors of future have been forced to be a part of the system that breathes on bribe and the cancer called corruption that has gone deep down into it. That situation results in most obvious and devastating kind of greed. They get addicted, caught, trapped in the never ending spiral of possessing more and ore.

Minds of people should be changed by the prevalence of moral values and we shall try to make the anti-corruption departments more effective. We should try finding the handful of honest people and honored them. Media should be encouraged to take up fundamental causes of strengthening democracy. Moral and religious awareness are also key solutions to this problem. Severe action should be taken against the corrupted bodies. Let us remember it is more difficult to improve a decayed system rather than make a new clean system. Corruption By Aquaria