I have observed that James is experiencing problems in grade 9. His behavior has dramatically changed. He was doing well in my mathematics class until recently when I observed a sudden drop in school marks, lately his behavior is unlike that of a carefree person he used to be. I have talked to other teachers they also observed some change in his behavior and performance. The changes that we have observed can be attributed to psychological factors which include adolescence stage which James is at. At adolescence stage behavior is erratic and over the top. Is with this in mind that James is facing problems. Coloratura factors also come into play. Twenty-five percent of children under 16 experience divorce in the family. One in three marriages ends in divorce. Changes in the family structures could have caused this sudden change. James’ sudden change could be attributed to the divorce of his parent’s. The fact that James’ mother has remarried, it is possible that James’ father could have remarried and James is staying with a stepparent. Children staying with stepparent’s often encounter problems sometimes stepparent’s can be abusive.

He is robbery having family problems which have affected his school work, he used to have high school marks but there is a sudden drop. James is at secondary school where strong western culture existed before they had to accommodate a diversity of cultures. An element of racial abuse could also have led to James sudden change. Another extreme and visible kind of discrimination is when learners resort to violence. The fact that James pushed Taboo suggests there is discrimination considering the history of the school. Racism or discrimination can also be demonstrated by denying that there is any difference between learners of different roofs.

According to Moscow primary needs need to be met before significant cognitive development is possible. Many schools implicitly recognize this by providing preschool breakfast for children, or Just by recognizing that in times of deep emotional distress, some of the important things a young person needs to encounter are routine, trust and acceptance, the esteem and respect of others, being part of a group and protection from potentially dangerous objects and situations. The Mascots hierarchy of needs is below. Self Actualization Need to understand Aesthetic Needs Esteem needs Belongingness and love needs Safety Needs

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Physiological Needs TTY Needs Growth Needs Deficiency James ‘erratic and unbecoming behavior could be because some of the needs in Mascots hierarchy have not been met. James was quite group leader and all of a sudden he is now a violent person who does not show signs of remorse. It is from this background information that as the educator for James I think James needs some help. I must ensure administrative efficiency and deal with his problem as promptly as possible. I feel I need to listen to James and hear what problems he is facing. He needs some counseling from a competent psychologist.

According to Gillis in Professor J. M Dryer counseling can be defined as a facilitative process during which the counselor, working within the framework of a special relationship, uses specific skills to help young people to help themselves more effectively. Support for learning problems is helping learners with learning problems. If a learner experiences learning problems and encounters significant problems in acquiring reading, writing, comprehension and mathematical skills and if professional facilities for therapy are not available, teachers may have no option but to help the learners homeless.

James is at stage off Erosion’s eight stages of psychological development. In this stage a teenager must achieve a sense of identity in occupation, sex roles, politics and religion. James is experiencing role confusion. Young people in the secondary stage of schooling need to know about these constraints in life because they need ethical soundness, credibility and rational consistency of the society and world around them in order to establish a stable identity and find meaning in life. In stage 5 of Erikson psychological development James is probably trying to find ways to mom to terms with the changes that happened in his family structure.

Counseling of parent’s involves the parent’s of learners with learning difficulties. This should always be understood and you will need to make time and space for interviews with such parent’s. If parent’s cannot come to the school, you should make an effort to visit them. Many South Africans rightfully feel that parent’s and communities should be more involved and play a bigger role in the development of their schools. Parental involvement needs to go beyond the election of the schools governing body and participation in parent teacher meetings.

Parental involvement includes involvement in life skills education, involvement in the teaching of particular skills, topics or areas to intimation, adumbrating, involvement in sport, cultural and other extramural activities, maintenance of equipment and facilities. In my view James is in a crisis that has been precipitated by the divorce of parent’s. I suggest the crisis intervention to be taken. James’ situation is not very lethal if I can rate he does not need urgent help. James needs psychological contact this will make him feel heard, accepted, understood and supported, it also serves to reduce the pain of being alone during a risks.

By recognizing and legitimizing feelings of anger, hurt and fear energy may be directed towards doing something about the situation. I will encourage James to explore his feelings and emotions. I will listen to him in an empathic and supportive way to both James’ reflection of what happened and how he feels about his parent’s’ divorce. I need to generate and explore alternatives and specific solutions. I would suggest to James to try and build a good relationship with his new step-parent. He must do as much as he can for himself. This will help him operate from a position of trench rather than weaknesses.

The action plan would be to contact his parent’s and explain to them about the changes that have happened to James. Parental involvement is necessary since it will help James. The parent’s will talk to him to explain to him how their separation should not affect his school work and his behavior. The final stage will be making follow ups to check on whether or not particular immediate solution was appropriate for the immediate need. If the agreed upon concrete action did not help then I would need to explore dimensions of the problem and do a re-examination of the situation.