Independent Field Study Community Diagnosis in Public Health Question 1: What do you mean by “Community’ or Write down the definition of Community? Answer: A cluster of people with at least one common characteristic (geographic location, occupation, ethnicity, housing condition…… ). Community is a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. Question 2: What do you mean by “Community Diagnosis? Answer: Community diagnosis is a comprehensive assessment of health status of the community in relation to its social, physical and biological environment. Community Diagnosis generally refers to the identification and quantification of health problems in a community as a whole in terms of mortality and morbidity rates and ratios, and identification of their correlates for the purpose of defining those at risk or those in need of health care.

The purpose of community diagnosis is to define existing problems, determine available resources and set priorities for planning, implementing and evaluating health action, by and for the community. Community Diagnosis Process: “A meaner of examining aggregate and social statistics in addition to the knowledge of the local situation, in order to determine the health deeds of the community’ Question 3: Write down the “Community Core”.

Community Core: * History * Socio-demographic characteristics * Vital Statistics (such as: fertility, mortality, marriage & migration) * Values/ Beliefs/Religions Question 4: Write down the eight (8) Subsystems of the Community. Answer: * Physical environment * Education * Safety and transportation * Politics and government * Health and social services (such as: marriage, birth & death certificates) * Communication * Economics * recreation Question 5: What is the mission of Community Diagnosis?

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The mission of community diagnosis is to Analyze the health status of the community * Evaluate the health resources, services, and systems of care within the community * Assess attitudes toward community health services and issues Identify priorities, establish goals, and determine courses of action to improve the health status of the community * Establish an epidemiological baseline for measuring improvement over time. Question 6: What is Community Analysis? Community analysis is the process of examining data to define needs strengths, barriers, opportunities, readiness, and resources. The product of analysis is the “community profile”.

To analyze assessment data is helpful to categorize the data. This may be done as following * Demographic * Environmental * Socioeconomic * Health resources and services * Health policies * Study of target groups Question 7: What are the 5 As of Public Health? 5 As of Public Health * Prevention (individual and community-focused) * Promotion (voluntary, education, advocacy) * Protection (policies/regulations; enforcement) * Population-based (communities, groups) * New 5th P: Preparedness (e. G. , baptisteries, natural disasters, pandemics). Closely linked to Environmental Health prepared by: Samuel Salad, 133-0233-011