Comment on how effective you find the presentation of two different points of view in the extract from Touching the Void, giving your reasons. Joey’s Account At the beginning of Joey’s account, he cut straight into the intense topic by using the line ‘I hit the slope at the base of the cliff before I saw it coming. ‘ This left no time for the readers to react, the line ‘l hit the slope’ immediately tells you that it was going to hurt very badly.

The line ‘before I saw it coming tells us the speed of it was very fast, e didn’t even have the time to react before he has crashed straight in to the bottom of the cliff. Because of the fact that this is the first line of the extract, it will give the first impression that this text would be full of action and adventure. ‘Everything was still, silent. My thoughts raced madly. ‘ This quotation has a meaning in a meaning, the first part said, ‘everything was still’ this shows that the atmosphere is very intense but also smooth because every thing is still.

From what we read rebelliously, we know that Joe has Just fallen Off very steep cliff, so we know that it’s nearly impossible for Joe to feel smooth. Well unless his hurt himself so bad that he has lost his mind. The second part of the quotation said ‘My thoughts race madly. We all know that when something is racing madly, it can’t be either still or silent. Let me make an example, when sports cars are racing, we can hear the sound of the engine roaring and see it traveling in crazy speed, and this is exactly what is going on in Joey’s head; but obviously it’s sounds not Fl racing cars.

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From this quotation we can see that Joe didn’t know what to do and it was clearly that he was frightened and desperate to get out. ‘I hung, head down, on my back, left leg tangled in the rope above me and my right leg hanging slackly to one side. ‘ This tells the readers the state Joe was currently in. Not good. ‘l hung, head down, on my back these sentences are all broken up into small bits by commas. This showed how hopeless he was, death and him was Just one line apart. ‘Left leg tangled in the rope above me and my right leg hanging slackly o one side. This line tells us that he already lost hope, he was tired, he didn’t want to move, he couldn’t move. Life is Just lifeless. But this also gives some hope to the audience, this mean he still did had a chance, he still could get out, it’s not impossible. Nothing is impossible. ‘Vive broken my leg, that’s it. I’m dead. Everyone said it… If there’s Just two of you a broken ankle could turn into a death sentence… If it’s broken… If it doesn’t hurt so much, maybe Vive Just ripped something. This shows that he didn’t want to believe it, e couldn’t let himself believe it, and he knows if he broke his leg, he was going to die. He kept telling him self that he didn’t break his leg. He didn’t break his leg. He didn’t break his leg. In the line, he told the readers that if there was only two climbers, and you break as lie get off the mountain. Simony’s account title as an ankle. Your are EAI There is no way you can Compared to Joey’s account, Simony’s account makes the readers feel less intense and there is not much description. Simony’s account is more factual