All material must conform to the testing requirements set out by customer. All testing standards for fabric, trims and accessories must be obtained by the Merchandise Testing Laboratory. 5. If any customer rejects or returns arise on or after the sale of the product to the end user, and solely due to quality issues with the trial’s supplied, the supplier should bear the responsibility of such claim or value. . Cost of testing fabric and trims will be borne by seller. 7. The seller must adhere to the buyer’s anti-metal policy at all times. 8. Customer purchase order number must be mentioned on all documents sent by seller. 9. The Seller must ship the exact order quantity. Except otherwise stated a + or – quantity deviation (according to the POP line item wise) will be acceptable if it is notified and does not violate the following conditions. 0.

Any shipments that are less than the required quantity(according to the POP line item wise quantity with -% variances) of the order will not be acceptable. 1 1 . As the buyer reserves the right to pay only up to agreed quantity (quantity mention on the POP line item wise with +1- variances) of more than the ordered quantity; Goods delivered in excess of above quantity will not be deemed to be the quantity ordered. Therefore, payment will not be made for the excess quantity so delivered. Prepared by Date Authorized by