For this Individual Assignment, you will use Microsoft Word to construct and format a 2-3 page paper based on the knowledge you expect to gain from the class using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powering. Think about how these skills are going to support your efforts with any other class, your present or future career, or your own personal life. In this paper, you will share ideas on the universal nature of how word processors such as Microsoft Word can be used. Try to be creative in your responses.

Your Lab Work assignment for this week will allow you to demonstrate your Microsoft Word kills in a more professional format in the creation of a business letter. Read and practice through Word Chapter 3 (pages WAD 137-190) Use the supplement training resources at http://office. Microsoft. Com/en-us/word- help/CH010369478. Asps? TTL=3 Use skills gained from these resources above to complete the assignment below using Microsoft Word. At this point, you are very early into your college education; however, it is never too early to be thinking about important documents used in the work environment.

One of these important documents is a business letter. Word Chapter 3 (pages WAD 137-190) covers in great detail best practices for preparing business letters. Note: Although this business letter is for this course only, this exercise will give you good practice on writing professional documents in the future. Your assignment for this Week is to complete Cases and Places 1: Create a Letter to a Potential Employer page WAD 199. Use Microsoft Word and consider the following parts typical for a business letter: Letterhead – This should incorporate text, graphics, formats and colors.

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It should also include the organization’s name, address, and telephone number. Today’s date The inside address Salutation (Dear Ms. /Mr.. With specific name ) Text (three or four brief paragraphs and bullets and tables can count as paragraphs) Complimentary closing (Sincerely, Yours truly) Signature if sending a hard copy but not required for this assignment Typed name Enclosure Once you have your business letter ready for submission, carefully proofread your work to ensure contents are free of misspellings and grammatical errors.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the PAPA Style section of the syllabus. Please review all of the links in college from prior weeks, along with the readings you nave done thus tar. Respond to each question Witt examples that pee pacific field that you have chosen. Be sure to respond substantively. What are some of the documentation needs of your chosen field? What are some specific ways you can use Microsoft Word in this field?

What are some ways of enhancing a document with Word’s editing tools that would be appropriate in the environment you chose? To complete this assignment please include the following: A title page A clear introduction and thesis A clear argument and conclusion Your paper should be substantive and in your own words. If you use outside research or sources please remember to reference these sources.