Assignment 1 – Business consultancy Task 1 – Pl Job description The Job description is very simple; it shows the potential employee the basics of the role that he/she is applying for within the business or organization. In this case it is an ARK CIT Technician for a school. The Starting Date is whenever the person wants to apply for the Job, in this case its September 2014, the salary is anything from El k – Seek for a statutory IT Technician and Seek – Seek for a Senior IT Technician. The hors are simply 8 – 4 each day for 5 days of the week, that’s approximately 40 hours each eek.

Key Responsibilities What the technician is expected to do is simply to support the Academes systems by providing first level support, Ensuring all calls that are made via the school are tracked and recorded, take responsibility for hardware, work stations, technologies used within the Academy, this includes; Laptops, Desktops, Interactive Whiteboards, and other local hardware used within the Academy such as printers, fax machines, scanners and others. One of the key responsibilities of the IT Technician is out of hours cover if necessary. Outcomes and Activities

There are two roles that should be filled when the applicant becomes the employee. The two roles allow the person reading the Job description to know and understand what is needed of them so that they can provide the best support when and if the applicant gets the Job. The two roles are; IT SUPPORT, this is; 0 Providing professional and responsive support services to the academy based staff including teaching staff, administration and management. 0 Ensuring all of the support request are logged and updated through the centralized ticket facility, this is to keep a track of the Academes system.

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OTHER, this is; 0 Assist with maintenance and update of the Academy website as required. 0 Undertake any other responsibilities as directed by the Service Delivery Manager or Network Manager. 0 Play an active part in the development of the pupils within the Academy. This includes interacting positively with students of different ages at all times and directly supporting learning where possible. Person Specification Qualification Criteria This section of criteria includes any IT related qualification which allows the applicant to show what they have to offer to the Academy and how it will help the academy.

The qualifications can be; 0 Geese’s. (5 A- C including Math’s and English) 0 BITE National Vocation Level 3. (IT related subject and A Level equivalent) 0 Any industry recognized qualifications such as CAN (Cisco Certified Network Associate), MASC. (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert). * 0 The right to work within the I-J. (This is proved by the use and display of the applicant’s National Insurance number) *These qualifications would be preferable because it snows that the applicant skills and techniques which would have advanced their knowledge on specific subjects within the IT Technical society.

Experience Experience is important because it allow the applicant to show they had the NAS opportunity to take on some really interesting and challenging responsibilities giving them better knowledge within a working environment. The experiences required from an applicant for the IT Technician are; 0 Experience of resolving network issues and an understanding of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)/ IP Networking Protocols. 0 Experience of resolving faults with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange. Experience of IT support in a school environment.

Behaviors There are two ways in which the applicant has to ‘behave’. The behavior is seen within the attitude and approach to work and the knowledge and skills which you have at had to use within the working environment. APPROACH TO WORK; 0 An attitude of personal responsibility for own action or organizational outcomes. Self-Motivated, and resilient, with the ability to work calmly under pressure. A team player, with a positive outlook, who is ready to get involved with the issues and projects across the IT-Team. 0 Flexible attitude towards working hours, and a illnesses to support colleagues.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS 0 Knowledge of IT systems and the trends within the IT marketplace. Knowledge of IP Networks and the various components used within the network. 0 Able to skillfully handle, analyses and interpret information. 0 Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, in particular when liaising with non technical colleagues Other; This is Just for Criminal records and lets the applicant know that in the employ of the organization (Burlington Danes Academy) they will be subjected to Crab’s. Application Form There are 12 parts to the application for when applying to be an IT Technician.

Each part allows the Academy employing the candidate, to be a technician, to know the characteristics, skills knowledge and experiences that the applicant holds and allows them to make a Justified reason for accepting or rejecting the applicant based on the submission. Certain sections are relevant to specific roles within the school, such as having a SETS (Qualified Teaching Status), allowing the applicant to teach a subject if there is no one to cover the lesson and has no obligatory duties within the timeshare hat the lesson is being held.

Section 1. Personal Details This is Just personal details where the Organization/ Academy employing the technician will be able to send the applicant details or confirmation. It also tells the Academy if the applicant is licensed to work within the I-J. 1 . Personal details Title Name Surname Home address Street address Town/ city County Postcode Country of Residence I-J/EH Other If other please state Do you have the right to work in the I-J? YES Do you require a work permit or VISA?

YES National Insurance Number NO NO If yes, please give details If your mailing address is different to above please insert hereafters address Post code Work: E-mail address Home: Mobile: This section of the application looks like: Section 2. Current Employment This is to show the Academy the applicant’s currents working status and give an appropriate salary can be made to the applicant by the stature of the Job that the applicant is currently in.

It also allows the Academy to know if the IT Technician is qualified to teach, therefore allowing the applicant to fulfill another role within the Academy. 2. Current Employment Do you hold Qualified Teacher Status? Yes ear did you gain SETS? No In which Current employer (Name and full address) Jobs held and main duties From To Salary Reasons for leaving Section 3. Previous employment This allows the Academy to see the experience the applicant has had within the IT sector.

This allows the Academy to see the skills and knowledge that the applicant has developed through that previous Jobs that the applicant has had. By stating the duties that the applicant had done within the previous Jobs it allows the Academy to see what the applicant can do within the Academy which will be beneficial to the 3. Previous employment Please give details of all Jobs held including part-time and unpaid work, starting with your previous employer) Previous employer (Name and full address) Jobs Held and main duties From To Salary Reason for leaving Section 4.

Professional and personal development Personal Development: Personal development is a development of individual self- development and the development of others. At the level of the individual, personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human assets and make employability easy, improve quality of fife and give to the awareness of ideas and aspirations. Professional Development: Professional development refers to skills and knowledge gained for both personal development and career improvement.

Professional development envelops all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities placed in training. 4. Professional and personal development Courses attended (during last 3 years) Name of course and provider Award/ qualification gained Full or part time From TO Section 5. Education history Within the application, the education history is the qualifications that applicant has gained throughout the school years of their lives.

This includes the institution that the applicant studied at and the level of qualification gained, this refers to Geese’s, A levels (Or equivalent), and higher Education (University, abroad or regional). This part of the application also links with the next part because the subjects that you studied also give you skills, knowledge and experience. 5. Education history (Please list your education attainment, highest qualification first) Institution Please indicate both name and address) From To Qualification attained/ subject Section 6.

Knowledge, experience and skills Knowledge: Knowledge is the learning of theory for a discipline or Job description. Generally, most secondary education requirements are based on industry standards or recognized by leading bodies, tort breakthrough service, tottering that nave tee or non-consistent knowledge requests. In the beginning stages the service provider should define initial required knowledge, conducting frequent reviews as development progresses. Experience: Experience is the confirmed application of knowledge over a period of time.

Areas of experience should be defined for each position (each business sector would require experience in certain areas for a defined frequency). Skills: Skills involve the application of both knowledge and experience toward a level of ability in a given regulation. For example, a useful lineman may have both education and experience in line repair, but when it comes to employing them effectively in the repair of a line, the individual’s skill level can still be low. 6.

Knowledge, experience and skill ARK Schools have high expectations for their pupils and are committed to improving the life chances of all the pupils attending their schools. Please tell us why you are applying for the Job and what skills you will bring to it. (Please keep answers within a single page of AH). Section 7. Personal data The personal data that is asked for within the ARK schools application is to show your potential when within your current Job due to your current salary, any additional salary or by Just the total salary that the applicant has.

This allows the school to asses the applicant on how useful/ valuable the applicant is to the school. It also asks if the applicant has worked within another ark school giving them skills on how to work within an ARK school. 7. Personal data Current Salary Additional salary (please indicate management points or London allowance etc) Total salary Have you applied to an ARK School before? If so please give details of the school and the role. Please declare if you have any family members or a close relationship to an existing ARK employee. If so please give details. Section 8. Referees

When applying for a Job a referee is needed, it is someone who provides information about the applicant when they are trying to get a Job and allows the employees to see what they were like within a working environment. This shows if the applicant can cooperate within groups in a working environment and shows if the skills they possess as an individual is setup tort the organization. 8. Referees (Please note that references may be prior to your interview, unless stated otherwise) Pleas provide the contact details of two referees (Covering the last three years), one of whom should be your current employer.

Name Name Job title Job title Organization Organization Address Address Telephone number Mobile number Email Email Section 9. Confidential Information This information is for the school to know if the applicant has a criminal record. This allows the school to evaluate the applicant. Certain crimes are allowed which don’t affect the integrity of the students or the application. Such as speeding unless there is a repeat of offense and the applicant has spent time convicted within an institute. 9. Confidential Information Ark Schools requires all employees to undertake an enhanced CRY.

You are required, afore appointment to disclose any conviction, caution or binding over including ‘spent convictions’ under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975. Non-disclosure may lead to termination of employment. However, disclosure of a criminal background will not necessarily debar you from employment – this will depend upon the nature of the offense(s) and when they occurred. In relation to the above, if you have any convictions or cautions (including spent convictions) you are obliged to detail these below: Do you have any convictions (including cautions & bind-over’s) YES

If yes, give details. I can confirm that I am not on List 99, disqualified from working with children or subject to sanctions imposed by a regulatory body such as the General Council. Signed(typed signatures are accepted): DATE: Section 1 O Equal Opportunities Monitoring Equal opportunity is a requirement that all people should be treated similarly, free by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be openly Justified.

The aim is that important Jobs should go to those “most qualified” – persons most likely to perform ably in a given task – and not go to persons or arbitrary or irrelevant reasons, such as circumstances of birth, upbringing, friendship ties to however is in power, religion, sex, ethnicity, race, caste, or involuntary personal attributes such as disability, age, or sexual orientation.