A best friend is defined as the one friend who is closest to you. Often time’s best friends tend to drift apart and it leads to you to believe that your best friend might not be your best friend. From my own personal experiences I have found that facts such as: telling lies, secrets, Jealously, lack of communication, trust issues, and outside factors lead to the ending of a friendship. For example if you begin to lie about things to me it’s apparent my friendship is meaningless to you.

The closest arson to you should be the most honest person to you knows matter how bad it hurts you; they’re supposed to be there to help you. As stated before there are many factors that can lead to you thinking your best friend might not be your best friend. Keeping secrets can cause a lot of problems between best friends. By sharing your secrets you are reducing your guilt that you have. It’s like taking a load off of your shoulders, by keeping the secret you tend to distance yourself to protect your secret.

The guilt will probably become too much to handle if the secret harms your best friend. If the secret might cause harm to your best friend you’re going to hold it in to protect them, but letting it out and apologizing is much better. If the secrets is found out through another source than the response may be altered and there could be more repercussions. Holding in secrets is one of the quickest ways to lose the person closest to you. Jealousy

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