Hearing about the opportunity to become a student ambassador for High school immediately caught my attention. Being a student ambassador would distinguish me from anyone else throughout my entire school career and teach me new things about being a positive, smart, and respective role in the community. It’s not all that hard to be a leader. Anyone can do it. Leadership is something anyone can acquire, if they have the passion. Personally, I’m not the first person to raise my hand when the cheer asks for a leader.

But when I am chosen as a leader, I try my best to lead my “team” to “win”. I strive to always make my team number one. As a leader I always try to earn the respect of my teammates and always try to respect them back. Not only being a leader in school, but also being a leader in today’s society is a benefit to me because I know that I am helping to have a better future for not only me, but for everyone else. Doing service is very special to me.

I started doing service when I darted going to church regularly and when my older sister started to volunteer. I never really thought deeply into who or what would benefit if I had done work for Just a couple of hours. But now I realize that doing service for people make their days a little brighter and actually help the community. Vive done service for my church’s annual winter donations where we set up 2 Christmas trees in the church and decorate them with gloves, mittens, scarves etc. And donate them to those who are in need.

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Also, Vive volunteered in the country side of South Korea over the summer. In this part of the countryside mostly elderly people live in, so they are unable to clean the whole neighborhood every day. So my sisters, cousins, kids of the neighborhood and I helped clean the river in the neighborhood that was highly polluted. Doing both of these helped me feel good and gave me that feeling of happiness someone gets after helping others. Helping others and seeing an honest, warm smile on their face enlightens me.

Being a good leader, understanding how others feel, and doing service gets that smile on other people’s faces and also on mine. Being a great leader and doing service are completely 2 different things. But when I actually think about, I can think of one thing they have in common. They both create great change, in one individual and in a whole society/generation. There may be more things that they have in common. And those things are the keys to creating great future leaders and service workers.