Game Day Game Day had arrived for the two rival basketball teams; the Eagles and the Tigers. The loud and passionate fans had been waiting in line for hours out in the freezing cold weather. As the warm ups started the players were getting nervous. Both teams wanted the state championship very bad and they were Just hours away from winning it. Months and months of strenuous conditioning and closely won ball games had all come down to this one game. The referee threw the perfectly round orange rubber ball in the air for the tip off and the game began.

Both teams came out very aggressively. The encouraging cheers from the pumped up fans were really driving both teams to give it their all. The entertaining game was neck and neck the entire way through. Nobody could tell which team had the edge. It all came down to the final seconds of the game. The scoreboard showed that the Eagles were down 73 to 74. The star player took the ball inside against the biggest player on the Tigers. He was fouled hard and fell down onto the hardwood floor.

The coaches and fans were infuriated that it was not called a technical foul. The star player was at the black painted free throw line with the potential to win the game. He shot the ball and made the first free throw Just like he had done many times before. The time came for the second free throw and there was a huge silence in the nervous crowd. He shot the ball and it was in the air for what seemed like a lifetime. It rattled around the orange rim and then went through the white roped net. The Eagles had won the state championship!

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