Baseball is America’s pastime Over the years baseball has been given the name America’s pastime, this statement is true it is deemed one of the best sports in the United States and it has never changed. During the baseball season, there is usually a game on during any day of the week from as early as noon to as late as 10:30. It has evolved so much over the years that it has been created; it has gone through triumphs and controversies. However, even as the darkest cloud rolls over, Major League Baseball continues to prosper.

Baseball is one of the few sports that could be defined by eras, it has the best development league of any sport, and how this is the only sport that could give you a hometown feel. Ever since the first World Series baseball has gone through several eras, one of the earliest eras was known as the “Debatable” era, during the early 20th century. This started to form when the American League was created and several teams were not able to afford several baseballs for a game. Also, several different variations of pitches were created and this would destroy the baseball.

This era would end around 1920 with the rise of Babe Ruth. The next era would be known as the “Expansion” era; this era would not start until the late asses and would last until the late asses. This era would result in the expansion of Major League Baseball sporting a team in every part of the country, including Canada. The next era is an era that is personally a favorite of mine but it has several controversies to it. The “power era”, which started in the late asses, was an era when some players were averaging forty to fifty numerous a year, however in the asses the discovery of P.

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E. D (Performance Enhancing Drugs) would make this great era a dark cloud on baseball. Even through all of this, fans continue to flock to the stadiums, which make this sport Americas pastime. Several sports leagues have developmental leagues, however none of these compare to the Mil’s development league. One of the great things about the system is that they have three forms of the league, AAA, AAA, A, leagues. What is so great about this system is that you could watch your hometown hero become a baseball tar right before your eyes.

Another great thing is that if you live a few hours away from a Major League team, odds are you have a development team playing near you. Also, some people believe that watching these smaller teams gives them a more comfortable small town feeling compared to the big city teams. Baseball is one of the few sports that could give you a hometown feeling. From the singing of “take me out to the ball game”, to the seventh inning stretch. Baseball can make the usual 27,000 in the stands feel like they are at home.

Everyone is usually talking to each other throughout the game, you can be talking to someone you do not know for the whole game. Baseball gives you that feeling that will either make you filled with excitement or filled with grief. Baseball also has a great development system, which leads to leads to more of this hometown feeling. Baseball has several great things to it, it has grown so much threw out its creation and it continues to have a bright future a head of it. I have a great passion for this port because each team NAS 27 outs in order to win the game.

The one thing I would like to have in the sport though is a tighter salary cap; however, I love the story of the underdog so I believe that the system is Just right the way it is. This is a sport that no matter what day of the week you could always find a game to watch and enjoy it. This sport is the best sport that is currently being played in the world. From the cheers in the dog days of summer to the championship parades in October, baseball covers some of the best parts of the year.