Bad Effects of Pollution on our Air I have lived in Smithfield my whole life. I grew up surrounded by its beautiful scenarios, friendly people and historical buildings along with traditions, but one thing we are known for is our ham. The Smithfield Foods, Inc. Is recognized to be the largest pork producer and processor in the world. It was founded by Joseph W. Later and his son as the Smithfield Packing Company. It raises around 15 million pigs a year and processes 27 million, producing over six billion pounds of pork. I grew up on the taste of their delectable meats along with everyone else.

The great food was the great connector of our town. It kept us all so close and united and it brought families together. No matter where you were gathered at it Just made you happy inside. When it comes to all of these good benefits of our food there is no harm done, but of course there is always that curious question in the mist of the happiness that makes everyone think to themselves. If they make all of this good food, they have to make it somewhere, right? This place had to be big and ventilated for the things that would be going on inside. But where is it going exactly?

The one and only answer is polluted into the air thus being called air pollution. Air pollution is caused when particles and gases of chemicals and Smithfield Factory’s was one of the top pig slaughter operations in the united states in 2007, at 1 14, 300 pigs a day, and along with three other companies. There in the factory they had smoke houses and rooms filled with gallons of hog fetal matter that is untreated and is later emitted into the air and creating harmful and horrid smells outside for all surrounding individuals to smell and getting it the worst was this one neighborhood right next to it.

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The smell would be so bad, that you would have to cover your nose with your windows up. Smithfield was also accused of polluting the state rivers. For the people working in the factory it was said that they would be exposed to it so long that they get immune to it and it speeds up the hormones in both women and men. People like me have lived around it so long that you start to get used to it, not knowing what it was doing to our bodies by being toxic to our air and not only is this happening where I live but also around the world in places like New York where there is heavy amount of air pollution.

The presence of chemicals and toxic in the air can have many negative effects on our environment making it hard to breathe, so I propose that If we reduce the use of factories and their production and our use of products that can contribute to our problem, we will have a better, cleaner, and growing future ahead of us with cleaner air for our days on earth. One of the many effects of air pollution is its health effects. There are both short term health effects and long term health effects of air pollution.

If you enter a city that has a heavy haze of smog, New York for example, chances are DOD you will start to feel some changes in your body. You may experience irritation to the eyes, to you throat and your nose. These effects are known as the short term effects. In addition to these effects, if that exposure lasts for more than a few minutes, you may have upper respiratory infections that lead to illnesses such as pneumonia. Increased exposure can also lead to frequent headaches and allergic reactions in some people.

In situations to long term detects, individuals would nave been exposed to air pollution over a number of days, weeks or months, or longer and an include illnesses like lung cancer, asthma, stroke, bronchitis and breathing difficulties. If you have pre-existing conditions, you may notice worsen in your symptoms during times of increased pollution, which may force you to decrease your activity levels or pursue medical intervention. In other cases there has even been damage to the brain, kidneys, liver, and other parts of your parts.

Perhaps the worst of this effect to individuals is that each year, more than 500,000 people die prematurely in the U. S. Because of their repeated exposure to air pollution. By simply improving the quality of air and reducing the bad effects of air pollution; people can live longer lives, though those that have compromised immune systems, chronic illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles are also at a higher risk level. Seniors or those with heart or lung disease may react more severely to air pollution than young, healthy individuals. Www. Constitutionality. Com/bad-effects-of-air-pollution/ ). Air pollution also negatively effects the environment. The most of the significant of environmental effects include acid rain, and transportation which is a process where eater bodies receive excess nutrients that stimulate excessive plant and algae growth which has a can produce a devastating outcome for wild life and also causing ozone depletion, crop and forest damage and global climate change.

For example, pollution produced by Asian nations, such as India and China, eventually falls to earth and lands on Himalayan glaciers. These glaciers are the sources of water for the millions of people who live in these parts of India, China and Pakistan. Due to the pollution, the glaciers that fill the Yanking, Ganges, Indus, and Yellow river, the most important of rivers in Asia, are now rapidly melting more than expected. Economic effects are the less- well known outcomes of air pollution. It can impact the economy locally, nationally, and globally.

Air pollution can cause direct economic impacts as well as indirect economic impacts both, which are relatively associated with the cost of health care and environmental degradation. Environmental Canada notes that reducing air pollution would significantly benefit the socio-economic wellbeing of citizens and reduce health care costs. Other benefits include forestry, agriculture, gashing, tourism and alternative energy. The Lewis and Clark College of Arts and Sciences explored the Columbia River Gorge to determine the effect air pollution has on tourism.

Air pollution impairs visibility in 95 of 100 days during the year and is discouraging to tourists who come to see the spectacular scenery in the gorge. The 2 million visitors per year are less inclined to return to the gorge if they cannot take in the scenery, which significantly impacts the 4,030 people employed at the gorge, according to Lewis and Clark College ( http://www. Owe. Com/info_8202128_economic- effects-air-pollution. HTML#ixzz2E21K075B ). There are many choices you can choose today to help reduce the production of pollution in the air today.

Recycling is a one of many great ways to help reduce air pollution. Instead of throwing everything away find ways to reuse it. You may even get a few dollars from recycling programs and centers for your recycled goods. Another way is to trade in gas lawn mowers that can produce numerous amounts of smog for electric lawn mowers or get the old fashioned push mowers that also provides a good source of exercise. You can ride tit a friend or take public transportation to get to your destination. The main objective is lesser vehicles equals to less smog production.

Anytime you get a chance you can walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving. Do all of your errands in one trip such as the store, bank, and the cleaners. Get rid of toxic chemicals at home. There are plenty of non-toxic household products on the market to choose from these days and while painting use a brush instead of a spray paint can. Reduce you use of energy as well by buying energy efficient products and appliances and unplug them hen not in use, keep heat down in the winter and A/C in the summer, and insulate well and seal air leaks at windows and doors.

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce air pollution. They help produce oxygen, provide shade in the summer and blocks cold wind in the winter, thus helping us to be more energy efficient. Make sure you keep you trees happy and healthy by watering them as well. Now that you know how to help reduce air pollution, get out there today and help our world become healthy and green so we can become healthy and happy as well.