Check for safety of the child To give medical history (allergies) and doctors number in case of emergency. * To give contact number and any other numbers in case you can’t answer the phone. * To inform about any behavior problems or special dietaries. Parent responsibilities in relation to the child are: * To get child ready for babysitter. * To let child know about babysitter coming to look after him/her. * Let babysitter come earlier so child gets to know him/her. * Change the baby and feed it before the babysitter comes so child is ready for activities.

Clean the area for health and safety of the baby. 1. 2 Babysitter responsibilities to the child are: * To stay awake at all times to look after babies. * To check on babies every half an hour if they asleep and every hour in older children. * Don’t smoke or drink. Smoking or drinking could endanger a child’s health and safety. * If children watch TV make sure it’s not too loud for them. * Give them food at appropriate times. * Give child sweets only if parent’s say it’s alright. * Keep the baby alarm on if the baby is asleep in other room. * To get to know the child before the parent go out.

To learn the routine and try keep it up with the child. * To make sure child is clean (changing nappies, changing clothes if they dirty after meal). 1. 3 Babysitter responsibilities to the parent are: * To give parent warning of cancellation as soon as possible. Give them time to find another babysitter. * Arrive earlier to make sure parent can ask you any question and you get to know the child before the parent leave. * Ensure parent have your phone number and other contact number (egg. Mum) in case of an emergency. Respect the prior agreements made with parent about the use to disabilities ND drink). Do not invite any friends without permission. * To not rummage through drawers or cupboards while parent is out. * To respect the privacy of the home. * To leave the home as it was when you arrived (toys are put away, coffee mugs are washed up). * If the child shown the negative behavior talk with parent about it. Section 3 Know how to prepare a young child for sleep… 3. 1/3. 2 (age 13 month old) Time I Routine I Role of babysitter I Benefits to the child 1 6:pm I Child is allowed to watch cartoons for a bit. I To sit down with a child and talk with them about things on TV.

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Making sure child is watching sensible cartoon for their age. I Learning while watching some kids cartoon and listening to babysitter. 1 6:pm I Child is reminded that it’s nearly bath time. I Remember to remind child and let him/her know its bath time soon. I Reminding helps children to learn routine of getting ready for bath at certain time. 1 7:pm I Bath time. I Disruptor child during bath time. To let the child have their time during the bath. To talk with child during the bath. I Learning about routine and hygiene every day. Learning about their bodies during the bath. :pm I Milk/ Snack time I To provide healthy snack before bedtime. I Child learns about having Just snack before bed. Learning the routine. 1 7:pm I Brush teeth I To support child during brushing teeth. To Join in if they like and show the child how to brush the teeth properly. To make it fun and make a song or a spell about brushing teeth. I If babysitter makes it fun child will enjoy it. They learn about their hygiene every day and how to brush teeth. It’s learning routine. 1 8:pm I Change nappy/Clothes I To change nappy and make sure child is clean before going to bed.

Wipe their face if it’s dirty after snack and make sure they changing to pajama. I They learning about having to change before going to bed and that hygiene are important. They getting used to the routine of having to go to bed after brushing teeth and changing. 1 8:pm I Story time I To read a suitable book for certain age. To show the pictures during the story times and to explain what’s on the picture. I Learning about routine and having a story before bed. After a while they will know story is coming and they will look forward to it. And then they might choose them favorite so it’s learning self- inference. 8:pm I Bed time I Toggle the bed ready. To make sure child go to sleep. To sit with a child till they go to sleep. To check on child every half a hour. I Learning routine of going to sleep at certain times. Knowing that after story is bed time and getting used to it. Why do kids need routines and structure? Because routines give them a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline. ‘ – article Why kids need routine? Www. Apprenticing. Com, Dry Laura Markham 2009 In my opinion routine is very important because if children do not learn their routine they would do whatever they ant all day.

When children know their routine of the day they know what to expect. 3. 3 The values to reading a story bettor bed are: * Parent get a chance to connect with the child at the end of the day and sit close together, even with a child who doesn’t like to be touched or cuddled. * It’s a no- pressure opportunity to talk about life’s a little as story characters run into challenges and solve then successfully or nor. * Parent can talk about their life experience and wisdom effortlessly and without preaching when they relate to that bedtime story.

It help child build his/hers vocabulary and it encourage asking if there’s a word child doesn’t understand. If it’s a older child it’s absolutely alright to keep the dictionary on other side in case parent don’t know how to explain the word. * Reading stories to older children without pictures help to stimulate imagination as there are no visuals. * Reading picture stories help younger children to imagine the story step by step and also parent can talk about the picture explaining what’s on it. ‘Mothers were more likely to rely on grandparent’s or siblings rather than fathers to read their child a book. Nursery world ‘Children missing bedtime stories’ by Kathy Morton, March 2009 In my opinion the reason why it’s usually mothers reading a story is because little children are more likely to be closer to mum than dad. Often fathers are working till late times and they are not back at the time when their children have a story. REFERENCE LIST * Nursery world ‘Children missing bedtime stories’ by Kathy Morton, March 2009 article Why kids need routine? Www. Apprenticing. Com, Dry Laura Markham 2009 Model Powering ‘ Caring for children in a babysitting environment from Wednesday session (10th April 2013)