The Arians is a sport than can give us fun and body ache. You will encounter Arians either in your PEE class or it is your chosen sport to spend your time with. As I have watched the video that was given to us by our professor in Physical Education, I have learned that I can also use Arians in self-defense. In the video, our professor was teaching disarming or how to remove the weapons of the opponent. It was taught in a step-by-step guide and in slow motion for us to see and to learn what he is doing. In our time, robbers, thieves, rapists and bad men can be seen everywhere.

They usually hold things that can threaten the lives of their victim. Some of these things are knives, guns and even knuckles. In the video, we have learned a lot of ways that we can use our Arians to disarm a person that threatens to kill or do something bad to us. Though we know that we cannot do those things in a real-life situation, we should tallest have an idea on how we will do it in case we don’t have the area or place to run to for help or in short, when we are rendered and no one can help us.

I am not really a fan of Arians because I thought before that we can’t really use the techniques taught to us in real-life situations because we don’t bring our Arians all the time but a thought hit me that anything can be used as a replacement for Arians. An example of this is an umbrella or anything that can be a replacement for Arians. Arians can be a helpful sport for everyone because we can use it at all times especially in emergency situations.

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