This report analyses the Botanic to Bridge fun run, a local fundraising event in the city of Gladstone. This analysis will help highlight the inner workings of local events and how they are implemented. Both the Communications and Media Specialist and the Communications and Public Relations Manager for the event were contacted, with both supplying great amounts of information about the event, including the logistics of the event, the use of an Event Management Plan to minimizes associated risks and the staffing requirements.

It was found however that due to the regulations f the Gladstone Ports Corporation, no information could be given on the budgetary requirements, leaving a gap in the analysis of this event. Although no budget could be given, information was found on how the event is funded, with a huge importance put on sponsors. The elements of the Promotions Mix used throughout the promotion of the Botanic to Bridge are also analyses, as well as the successfulness of such advertisements. Lastly, suggestions are made as to how event organizers could improve the event, such as a greater focus on entertainment for the children involved.

INTRO The Botanic to Bridge is a local fun run that was first presented to the city of Gladstone as ‘an occasion for all ages, where participants ran, walked, danced or jogged their way along the route’mane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st). The Gladstone Ports Corporation’s first Botanic to Bridge took place in 2010 with the intention to promote a healthy lifestyle while raising funds that would help in giving back to the community. Although the Gladstone Ports Corporation is the head of this event, 12 Creative Industries is also employed to help with both the planning and the implementation of the event.

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This report will analyses the logistical requirements of the this event, the potential risks involved, staffing requirements, budgetary requirements and elements of the Promotions Mix involved in promotion, as well as recommendations for additional activities. LOGISTICS As with any other planning process, the logistics of the event must be considered, be they site, technical or otherwise, they help create the foundation needed for an event to thrive. It is no different for the Botanic to Bridge, especially in regards to the site logistics, which can make or break an event that relies so heavily on the site in which t takes place.

The Botanic to Bridge has three major sites that are used throughout the event, as well as one that is used prior to the day. The first of the three main sites is the Tendons Botanic Gardens, which is home to the km start line. Whereas the km start line is positioned at the Erg Tanana Memorial Park; the second main site. Both of these sites are obtained through the Gladstone Regional Council, who provides permits to the Gladstone Ports Corporation for the use of both areas cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st).

The third main site used throughout the vent is the Marina Parkland’s, which is the location to the tennis line tort the tune run. It is also the area that houses the Healthy Living Expo, an initiative of the Gladstone Ports Corporation the supplies race participants with a smörgåsbord of healthy foods and expo stalls that present alternative ways to live a healthier life (Gladstone Ports Corporation 2011) No permits are needed for the use of this area, with the Marina Parkland’s being owned and managed by the Ports Corporation, meaning they have full access to the area for the event cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. August 31st). The fourth site is the official Race Office, located at the Leo Cussing Building at ICQ University. It is where all race participants receive their race packs in the days leading up to the race. The Ports Corporation simply books the use of this through the university. Cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st). The major technical requirement is the need for access to power at each of the four sites for the use of computers, sound and lighting, and equipment. In the case of a power main being unavailable, a generator is arranged by the Ports Corporation to power the above listed equipment.

Cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Mom. , August 31st) Logistical requirements for the event include staging, audio, lighting, marquees, underline, temporary fencing/race guides, and security. Employees from both the Ports Corporation and 12 Creative Industries are designated the Job of organizing the different logistical requirements for the event. Cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st) RISKS Virtually every aspect of an event has associated risks, and it is the Job of the event manager to take steps to manage such risks.

For the Botanic to Bridge, these risks come in three main categories; safety, dissatisfaction and shortcomings. The two major safety risks are rogue vehicles getting onto the running course and the possibility of participants getting seriously injured. The Ports Corporation implements an Event Management Plan according to Jade Walters (2013), the Communications and Media Specialist for the event. This plan lists numerous ways in which the company acts to minimizes safety risks. Firstly, a clear traffic management plan is created prior to the event, outlining the specific areas that will be affected.

The police and council are then informed of the Traffic Management Plan, which dads to signage being placed on the course two weeks before the event, showing the public what roads will be out of action on the day. The Ports Corporation also has the task of ensuring that all businesses and entertainers involved in the event have Public Liability Insurance. The next step takes place on the day of the event and includes ensuring the course is free of any safety hazards, having to be considered safe for large crowds of both recreational and serious runners, adults and children, and families with prams.

The final three risk management techniques occur during he event. Firstly, an experienced traffic management firm is used to police the course and all roadblocks, ensuring no traffic makes it onto the course. Next, experienced course managers are employed to patrol the course, stopping any untoward activity and guaranteeing the safety of race participants. Finally, the Ports Corporation ensures there are first aid kits all along the course, with paramedics on and to assist it any injuries do occur .

The risk to dissatisfaction comes trot the possibility of the disruption to morning traffic and surrounding business operations uh to road closures, resulting in disgruntled community members, as well as mismanagement of the running course leading to participant dissatisfaction. This is combated through the previously mentioned course signage that is put out two weeks prior to the event, notifying the community of what roads will be affected. Individual letters are also sent to any businesses and residents that will be affected by the road closures, explaining what is happening and when the roads will be reopened.

The previously mentioned use of experienced course managers on the day is also used to minimizes this risk, ensuring that participants do not have any robbers on the day. The shortcomings risks involve any problems in getting the thousands of participants to the individual start lines. This is managed through the establishment of efficient bus shuttle services to transport participants from the Marina Parkland’s to both the 8 and km start lines, resulting in the finish line being in the vicinity of the participant’s cars.

The Health and Safety Executive (2013) states that ‘good planning and organization is essential to putting on an event that is both safe and enjoyable’. The Ports Corporations planning and organization, in the form of he Event Management Plan, has so far been successful in minimizing any potential risks, with no notable incident occurring since the events beginning. STAFFING According to Dry Green (2003), ‘staffing is the process of identifying work requirements within an organization; determining the number of people and the skills necessary to do the work; and recruiting the qualified candidates’.

For the Gladstone Ports Corporation, this is one of the first steps taken throughout the planning of the Botanic to Bridge and is done in cooperation with Brisbane based 12 Creative Industries, who are hired by the Ports Corporation to help plan the event. Each of the two event management teams are designated separate tasks, but are in constant communication to ensure the event runs smoothly Jade Walters 2013, peers. Com. , September 6th). The Ports Corporation then delegates their tasks between the communications and public relations employees.

The communications tasks include marketing the event (including the development of a marketing plan, print material productions and liaising with the media), designing and coordinating the event signage, the coordination of personal training sessions and the publication of race results post event. The Job of the public relations employees is the liaison with local schools and industry, negotiations with event sponsors, volunteer coordination, selecting and managing the beneficiary relationship, coordination of event entertainment and prizes and booking all ground transport, travel and accommodation. 2 Creative Industries has the task of managing the overall event budget, the logistics of the event (all of which were previously listed) excluding the acquisition of the permits, coordination of emergency services, road closures and car parking, coordination of the Healthy Living Expo, coordination of merchandise, evolving a Risk Management Report and the installation and shutdown of the event. 12 sometimes hires Event Management Solutions; another Brisbane based business and delegates some to their responsibilities There are gig NT Gladstone Ports Corporation employees who work alongside six employees from both of the hired businesses.

The six employees from 12 Creative Industries arrive in Gladstone three days prior to the event, while those from Event Management Solutions arrive two days prior cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st). Although it is these employees who plan the Botanic to Bridge, it is the local volunteers who make the vent happen on the day. Jane MacDonald (2013) says that 23 volunteers assist in the race office prior to the day of the event, handing out race packs to participants, while 58 volunteers are required on the day of the event to assist 12 and Event Management Solutions.

These volunteers are given specific Jobs for the day; two volunteers are required for ground transport, five volunteers as on course marshals at the km start line, four volunteers as on course marshals at the km start line, six volunteers as on course marshals at the finish line, one volunteer for the finish line us marshal, five volunteers at the km registration tent collecting race packs, four volunteers doing the same at the km registration tent, three volunteers at drink station 1, six volunteers at drink station 2, five volunteers at drink station 3, four volunteers at drink station 4, three volunteers at drink station 5, eight volunteers at the finish line and two volunteers to be mascots cane MacDonald 2013, peers. Com. , August 31st). In their Volunteer Invitation (2012) the Gladstone Ports Corporation says that it is thanks to the volunteers that the Botanic to Bridge remains an annual event. BUDGET Jane MacDonald, Jade Walters and Joanna Jordan (the managing director of 12 Creative Industries) all stated that any information regarding the budgetary requirements for the Botanic to Bridge was to be kept private due to contractual agreements, meaning any theories on the events budget must be derived from related information.

Due to the unavailability of information on the events budget, it is not possible to know the total monetary value that the Gladstone Ports Corporation requires for the Botanic to Bridge, it is however possible to know the ways in which they obtain the needed funds. Jane MacDonald (2013) says that the Gladstone Ports Corporation originally funded the event themselves, but has relied heavily on sponsors and event partners in the more recent fun runs, and states that the future of this event relies on the availability of willing sponsors. In 2013 the major sponsors of the event were Pupa, The Gladstone Entertainment Centre, LONG, Bechtel and Assassins; as well as numerous smaller companies.

These are the businesses that donated money to support the local run fun. The event partners however donated time, services and goods and included Craig Chapman photography, Buskins, ICQ University, Hutchinson Builders and Fleshier. PROMOTIONS MIX The Promotions Mix consists of four different approaches to conveying promotional messages, and can be used separately or as a group (Hush et al. 2008). The Gladstone Ports Corporation uses aspects from each approach, Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations and Sales Promotion, to promote the Botanic to Bridge each year. Advertising is one of the most common techniques of promotion, however the Ports Corporation uses advertising sparingly.

They take out ads in the local newspaper in the weeks leading up the event, but rely heavily on word of mouth as promotion. Being a small town, an event of Botanic to Bridge’s size is well known, with the advertisements primarily used to inform, rather than attract. The use of course signage in the days leading to the event is a form of free advertising, bringing the Botanic to Bridge to the attention of the community without necessarily seeming like an advertisement. These signs have a great potential, while people ‘might be exposed to more than 1500 ads each day (Kettle, Adam, Brown & Armstrong 2011) the signage is almost subliminal advertising, hiding behind the fade of informing the community of road closures.

Personal Selling is the second approach and involves face to face interaction to sell a product or service. In the case of the Botanic to Bridge, this is a vital advertising technique and is used to attract the events primary market. This event targets the community of Gladstone with a wide cross-section of the community participating in the event, however the principle market segment is families with young children Jade Walters 2013, peers. Com. , September 6th). To specifically attract this target market, the Gladstone Ports Corporation sends representatives to each of the local primary schools to interact with the children and advertise the event.

Personal Selling allows the promotion to be designed specifically for the intended audience, meaning that the Ports Corporation representatives develop a selling pitch that attracts the children of the community and sells the event in a way that encourages them to participate. Public Relations is the use of publicity and media relations to improve an organizations image and in the case of the Botanic to Bridge it involves using the relationship between the event and the Gladstone Observer to encourage positive articles on the event, intern advertising the fun run in positive manner. Sales Promotion involves short-term incentives and is the other major approach used to promote the Botanic to Bridge.

The Gladstone Ports Corporation uses Sales Promotion within the other four Promotions Mix approaches to entice local community members to participate in the fun run. The major aspect that is continually mentioned throughout the use of the above three approaches is the incentive of prizes. The Advertising, Personal Selling and Public Relations all focus on the possibility of winning prizes to encourage the idea that if you participate you will win a prize. The short-term nature of this approach is perfect for this particular event. The effectiveness of these promotional activities is somewhat hard to determine, while the target market has continued to increase in numbers, almost doubling between