With the mention of piano music, the thought of classical and the image of Beethoven’s face pops up for most. Not many would visualize a 33-year-old pianist performing at sold-out concerts and touring in Europe and Asia. Yiruma, a composer and pianist from South Korea and raised in England, gained popularity after releasing his first album in London and being invited to perform at a world-renowned music festival in France.

I was introduced to his music with the song “River Flows in You,” from Yiruma’s second album, “First Love.” I have never been a huge fan of piano music, but once I clicked the play button on YouTube and the song began, I was entranced. It began with a soft melody that slowly progressed into a moving, strong piece.

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Yiruma plays with such emotion that I felt as if I were hearing someone’s bittersweet love story, even without lyrics. The wave of emotions moved me to tears. Even after listening about a million times, it continues to blow me away. I decided to try another piece from this album, “May Be.” Once again, Yiruma’s sincerity brought me into dreamland through his emotions.

Every song highlights Yiruma’s skill at composing and playing powerful pieces that express love stories, without the usual words. The beauty of each is so immense that it is a challenge to sum up even two songs, but such enchanting music must be shared.