Yellowcard is a catchy punk rock quintet from Jacksonville, Florida. They incorporate the violin, which makes it even more enjoyable and gives them a very refreshing and distinct sound. Their sophomore album, “Ocean Avenue” was released earlier this year and is truly amazing.

This is a cover-to-cover album with a variety of themes adolescents can relate to including growing up, questioning decisions (even if you know you made the right ones), and parting with close friends. The album opens with “Way Away,” a somewhat fast-paced song about self-empowerment and the ability to choose your destiny. It ends with “Back Home,” a more laid-back tune reflecting on the past. Each track in between is diverse in its theme, tempo and sound, which will appeal to your every mood.

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Yellowcard’s enthusiasm, catchy riffs and inspiring lyrics show the band’s passion for music and will appeal to all listeners. “Ocean Avenue” is well worth the money and should be in everyone’s CD collection.