In December, I journeyed into the hopeful and most musically-talent New York City to see an amazing concert: this WRXP-sponsored holiday show included Manchester Orchestra, Jack’s Mannequin, Passion Pit, and Phoenix. Manchester Orchestra opened with a loud bang, literally-they incorporated two drummers into their ban, constantly synchronizing and doing so perfectly. The lead vocalist, clad in a beanie hat and red Gibson slung around his shoulder, put his heart and soul into some very passionately sung numbers the band played. Andrew McMahon and crew from Jack’s Mannequin introduced a different feel into the concert hall: one more laid back yet still pop. Being that I have seen Jack’s years ago, it was a refreshing experience to hear their new and old songs from albums such as “The Glass Passenger” and “Everything in Transit.” McMahon, as well, included a harmonica in a couple of songs as well as a beautiful Baldwin piano on which he stood at the end of his song lineup, which really riled up the immense crowd for the arrival of Passion Pit, who, naturally, blew everyone away. With Michael Angelakos’s shockingly high-pitched voice, one would say they made their way into the popularity standing through their song, “Sleepyhead,” which was featured during the credits of the movie, Twilight. Phoenix, who were nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Alternative Album” that same night, blew up the venue with some great hits such as “Lisztomania,” “1901,” and “Long Distance Call.” I would suggest anyone looking for new music or a very eclectic taste to check any of these guys out!