I was sitting in the back of my new Lifted 1972 Chevrolet C10 Truck, listening to Granger Smith’s new album “When The Good Guys Win” While parked off the side of the gravel road, looking out over the valley as I took a sip of my Mountain Dew. Then, I woke up. I was sad that it was over, but I was happy that it had happened. So later, walking outside, I had no 72 Truck, nor even a Mountain Dew. That was a sad, sad morning.

“Scars are like tattoos with better stories.” That is one of Granger Smith’s quotes that I really like alot. What I think that his means is that scars prove things, you have memories from when you climbed that tree, or took a dive off of someplace high. Tattoos you just get put on your body, and it doesn’t really signify much. Granger Smith has many fans and is a well known country singer. To be honest, like during the CMA’s and everything, I’m very surprised that he does not win more awards or anything. But back to his quote, I personally think a lot of people should live by that. His songs deserve a lot more notice.

His Album has many types of songs. He has some songs in the album that can be considered as “Rock Country” with a steady beat, and it kind of gets you pumped. One of those songs are “Merica.” Another type of his songs are “Slow Country” Where he talks about real life things. Or I like to call it “Hang out Country”; where it is good to listen to when you are with friends, or having a bonfire with a good group of people. He chose almost half of the 14 cuts from other writers. His album is one of the best ones I have ever heard.

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Its real good to come too. I like to go to his music and his album because when i’m upset, I really like to take time to listen his new album, because it can cheer me up a bit. Or if you are in need of a good time, then listening to his music it really puts you in a hard working mood! Or if you need company, like if you cannot have friends over or anything, listening to his music and album because it brings me company I also call it a “Mood Album.” What I mean by that is that he has a lot of Rock Country or he has some Slow Country. It also brings me a ton of happiness.

It makes me feel like I can do a lot more. One reason why it makes me feel like that is because of his lyrics. His lyrics make me want to work harder, achieve more, and do more in life, overall just work harder. It sometimes also brings me back memories, of good times, and not bad at all. And it puts me in a good mood, all the time. So I have never been upset listening to his new album.

I think everyone should get a taste of some Granger Smith music, and if ya have time, make sure to listen to his new album. He is one of the best country singers out there. So his album really does make an impact on some people’s lives I think. It either motivates them gets them pumped or makes them think about things. I think a lot of people can learn a lot from his new album and overall all of his songs, and that they can have a great time listening to it with their pals. Go check him out.