Five Finger Death Punc

While I sit on my bed, “If I Fall” blares on my radio; the bass makes my windows shake, as the screaming vocals flowing through my ears, making me sing along with the guitar solo blasting out of the speakers as if art written in the air. To some people, particularly the older society, with the screaming and fast paced bass, this may seem like chaos, what with the screaming and fast paced bass, but to me and many other Knuckleheads, it’s pure art. People reading this might be asking, “What are Knuckleheads? What is ‘If I Fall?’ What is this guy talking about?” I’m here to give all of these answers and more.
I’m talking about Five Finger Death Punch, and “If I Fall” is just one of the many amazing songs on the album American Capitalist. The Knuckleheads are the loyal followers of Five Finger Death Punch. I am a Knucklehead. Wanting to get back at those who had betrayed them, the first album’s main theme was no mercy and taking nobody’s back talk. It also focused on standing up for oneself through the trials of life. War is the Answer was more of a tribute to war and the corruption that is in it. One line from one of the songs says “Play your war games with other peoples lives, it should be you one the frontline,” and “Its war for money.” Also, it sings of respect for military and all of the other branches in war. A different message comes out with American Capitalist, one that fellow Knuckleheads and I are proud of. All people in the rock world thought 5FDP had changed; they thought they were on top of the world and thought all this glimmer-glammer made them full of themselves. Well, this album was set out to tell the world that 5FDP is the same hardcore band they always have been. With their catchy single “Under and Over It,” they even say, “I’ll take my sanity, you take the fame,” telling all who listen they are tired of the havoc that is fame and are not like these other bands you see on TV who are all fake and all their lyrics mean nothing to them. 5FDP is real and all their songs come from the heart—well, some from the fist.
Ivan Moody the lead singer for 5FDP was in a band before called Motograter. The band never really clicked at least not with Ivan, although they had a couple of good songs. The band took a break, but they never called Ivan back, they just left him. Then he met 5FDP, which at the time needed a vocalist, and he earned the gig. Recently, a band member, Matt Snell, other people may know him as the guy with the amazing beard, left 5FDP. The band won’t share with the world why he left because of a confidentiality contract. Chris Kael, replacement for Snell, made his debut with American Capitalist, and as a surprise to us all, he is a very talented bass player; however, it will take us all awhile to forget about Snell. Now most people have probably heard the remake of “Bad Company,” the song originally played by Bad Company. Well, the remake was by 5FDP, and everybody fell in love with them then. I am here to tell the world, that’s not even their best song.
Everybody should go out right now and listen to some more of their music because they are soon going to be on top in just a matter of time. With their loud vocals, but the nice easy to follow choruses, the pounding fast-paced bass, and the shrilling guitar solos, the crazy drums in the background, and the head-banging beat, it is a wonder why they aren’t on top already. Every time I hear this band, I just want to get up and sing along, and when the solos come on, I’m always shredding a

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