At age 82, Victor Borge is one of the oldest comedians still performing, and yet his humor remains fresh, clean and extremely entertaining. His recent performance at Symphony Hall made all that perfectly clear. Borge’s proficiency at keeping an audience on the edge of their seats, with his improvisational style and calm control, is a remarkable tribute to his wit and intellect. Entertaining an audience ranging from 2 to 82 years of age, Borge maintained a level of fun suitable for the young-at-heart of every age. He joked about love, sex, animals, food, old age, youth, and almost every other subject imaginable. One particular subject of humor separates Mr. Borge from other everyday comedians, however.

Victor Borge plays the piano, and in fact is quite an accomplished musician, having performed in the past as a concert pianist. On this occasion, however, Mr. Borge took his knowledge of the keyboard and applied it to his knowledge of the funny-bone, and brought the crowd to a roaring ovation. He performed charming improvisational compositions, which were constantly interrupted by slapstick antics, such as falling off the piano bench and having his left hand wander off – while his right hand worked full pace at a challenging composition of an entirely different nature – in order to play a silly rendition of “Happy Birthday.” At times Mr. Borge seemed half his age as he dashed about the stage during his slapstick routines, and one almost forgot that he wasn’t. n

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