Jake Miller- “Us Against Them”
Jacob (Jake) Harris Miller released his latest album “Us Against Them” on October 8,
2013. Miller started his musical journey in 2011 by posting videos on YouTube. He is inspired
by other rappers such as Eminem, Drake, and Macklemore. At only 21 years old this young
rapper has already released three albums: “Spotlight” (2011), “The Road Less Traveled” (early
2013), and “Us Against Them” (2013).
“Us Against Them” is an album made up of 11 tracks; there is a song for every type of
listener on the album. “Collide” is an upbeat party track with a technologic chorus. “Hollywood”
and “High Life” display Jake’s confident side by discussing how much he enjoys his life and
how he’s having a fun time living it. Miller shows his romantic side through the tracks “Me &
You”, “My Couch”, and “Carry On.” One easily noticeable factor that separates Jake from any
other rapper are his lyrics. He does not rap about sex and drugs like most rappers do. This is
clearly shown in his single “A Million Lives.” This song is about three different scenarios that
teenagers may have to deal with. There is a girl with cancer, a boy who gets bullied, and a girl
who loses her brother in death. In each scenario there is a point where the teen feels like they
cannot take their pains and sufferings anymore and they want to give up, but when they listen to
Jake’s music they feel confident, inspired, and refreshed. Each verse ends with “…I thank God
for you every single night because believe it or not, you saved my life.”
Jake Miller is continuously stealing the hearts of people worldwide with his relatable,
soulful, and passionate music, gaining more and more fans who he calls his “Millertary.” His
monotone voice in “Puppet” is one of the most relatable songs for teenagers. Everyone can relate
when hearing the lyrics: “Damn, I’m feelin like a puppet. A g*****n puppet. Being pulled in a
million different ways. Man I think I’m bout to break. I’m a puppet. A g*****n puppet. Sick of
feeling like a puppet. Sometimes I wanna disappear, all these voices in my head.” He leaves an
imprint on the minds and hearts of listeners and as Jake says, “I’ve met a million people, been a
million places, Shook a million hands, seen a million faces. Had a million lows, and a million
more highs, no I haven’t made a million, but I’ve touched a million lives.”