This is a tribute/music review to my idol and mentor Marie Digby. She is a half-Irish half-Japanese American singer. You can find her music on iTunes and on Youtube.

Marie is best known for her song Umbrella (an acoustic cover for the famous singer Rihanna’s popular song); however, she has created many of her own songs which are even better.

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Her first original song was Stupid for You, appearing on Youtube in May of 2007. It turns comedic in the video when her dog runs up to her piano in her backyard.

Her second song, shot in June 2007, is featured on a beautiful day at the beach. She sings Say it Again, one of my favorite songs that I always find myself singing.

Many of you may watch the TV show Ugly Betty. Marie announces it is one of her favorites and actually rights a song about it. It is surprisingly one of my favorites and is definitely one of her bests.

Her most beautiful but sad song that she has ever sung is Miss Invisible. It is very similar to my experiences and is why I love her. It’s about her time in middle school and how she got through it. I have tears in my eyes every time I hear it.

She has many other beautiful songs on her Album “Unfold”. I do recommend this to all lovers of music.

Recently she has released a new album called “Breathing Underwater” which is supposed to be very good. In fact, I am asking my mom for it for Christmas!

More on this beautiful artist in January!!!