Denny White is a composer who writes his own music and lives off of the money from his performances in fancy restaurants to weddings, and private parties. A year ago he met a guy named Brent who was interested in his style and voice. Brent has helped compose some of One Republics music, the hit “Good Life” was one. He has been promising and has helped Denny meet managers of record label companies who are very interested in his sound.
Denny’s motivation for being a musician is life and the struggles of being an artist in L.A, hopeful bringing something to those who listen to his music. He is interested in old soul and classical rock music, playing piano is where he is at in his life and hopes to be there for the rest of it. The passion and drive he has for his dream is undiscovered, this helps to push him more than beyond any musician who is known and discovered. That is a factor that makes his talent so raw and special.
His sound is a soft, raspy, light, and angelic tone, singing while playing piano. He composes his own songs and has recorded them, waiting to be signed. His YouTube account shows for his interpretations of certain songs being interpreted through his own style making the music his. He has come far with struggles along the way but has not yet quit. He proceeds to his lifelong dream of becoming a famous musician. He has taught others and myself who listen to his music, that if you have perseverance in life you have hope in being able to reach your goals.