Underoath’s 777

The time of 777 is from 2004- 2005. 777 has a great entertainment value. If you like shows like “The Real World”, then you’ll like this dvd because it is a look in their lives. You meet their friends and you get a good feel for who Underoath is. This movie has a great music value and a lot of energy. It makes you feel like you are at their concerts. Everyone in the band gives an interview of themselves. The purpose of 777 is to show you their life on tour. This movie is a great documentary for all ages

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I would give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

The stars of Underoath are Dallas TaliaFerro Taylor(Vocals),
Octavio Lafayette Fernandez (Guitars),
Timothy Francis Mctague (Guitars),
Christopher Allen Dudley (Keyboards),
William Edwin Nottke (Bass) and
Aaron Roderick Gillespie (Drums& Bvg’s).

777 features the Hot Topic signing at Countryside Mall, the Myspace secret show “Behind The Scenes” footage, The European Tour, shows in France, Paris, New Zealand and Australia, London, Japan, MTV, NYC, Bamboozle, The U.S tour with Poison The Well, and Cities Burn, Somewhere in Canada, Allentown, Pa and Sweden.

The Myspace tour has the songs:
I Don’t Feel Very Respective Today, It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Door,

In Regards To Myself, To Whom It May Concern, Writing On The Walls, and
Everyone Looks So Good From Here.

The Music Videos include:
Writing On The Walls, In Regards To Myself, and You’re Ever So Inviting.

Gabriel Wiede