Demi Lovato- one of the only teenage singers who is actually great live. Demi Lovato- who made her name in Disney and grew from there. Demi Lovato- the nineteen-year-old singing phenomenon whose fan base is soaring.

Her new album, Unbroken, hit stores and was flying off the shelves in no time. It’s no coincidence that her tour is already a huge success. Me, fortunate as I am, got to go to her concert and see her perform live. Waiting in line for hours was totally worth this amazing experience.

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There’s nothing better than getting to see an amazing singer when you’re in the front row. Demi Lovato caused fans to go wild once she hit the stage. She sang tons of songs, both old and new, creating the ultimate experience.

Everything about this was perfect. Each song she sang was on key and, even after choking on a bug (yes- choking on a bug) she hit the highest of notes in her single, Skyscraper.

The concert was full of applause, laughter, jokes, and emotional moments, such as with the songs Skyscraper and Fix a Heart. Demi made this a memorable and pleasurable day not only for me, but for the hundreds of fans who waited in line for hours to get a glimpse of this teen sensation as well.

Demi Lovato is way more than just another singer. She’s much more than that Disney girl. Her songs are inspiring, mouth-opening, and beautiful. Each word that comes out of her mouth seems perfect and without flaw.

Consider this an eye-opener. If you haven’t listened, and I mean listen closely, to the lyrics, I suggest you do so. I know this is aside the article meaning, but Lighthearted will really make you think.

All in all, Demi Lovato’s tour Unbroken is a great experience and is enjoyed by audience member of all ages and genders and stereotypes.