Do you like Hansel and Gretel? Do you like Black Metal? then you’re gonna love this. Carach Angren is a Dutch symphonic blck metal band that seems to like turning classic fairytails into something of a horror film, and that will show here as well so brace yourself.

The biggest win on this album is that it tells the story of Hansel and Gretel but as a more demented form of the story or even as they perceive it as which is good. As we all know music is a form of art meaning that you or the artist can interprete something completely different from the same thing. The problem is that you can stop at any time and come back knowing where you left off, at least for me, which means the story is way too easy to go through it isn’t a one shot thing unlike Metropolis Part 2 by Dream Theater. That aside, I see that the witch fried Hansel to bits, their parents die in the most devestating fashions and Gretel seems to be falling down a cliff seemingly to her doom only to be found back at her home, all alone. This is a masterpiece of an album and shouldn’t be something to sneeze at for how well they portray this untimely classic.

One of the best of the year so far and I recommend you give it a listen. 9/10.

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