“The Story of the Wild Ones”
“Got something to live for. I know that I won’t surrender, a warrior of youth” ~ ”I Am Bulletproof” by the Black Veil Brides. Once again, the Black Veil Brides have blown away the ears of their followers with their outstanding voices as well as their increasingly spirited and improved success. In January 8, 2013, they released their third brand new album, The Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones and set themselves on N.7 on the Billboard 200 Chart. The band has immensely stepped up their skills raising their one-week-after-release sales up to 42,000 albums from only 11,000 albums in a week on their first album and 23,000 albums on their second album.
This album is a tremendously arranged concept album based on the idea of not giving up and letting your voice be heard. One of their quotes is, “You can live your life in heaven, or create your hell. We will write our end result with every tale we tell.” Their lyrics are highly praised and the songs represent a lot of common feelings among the populations. The songs contain words that you actually decide to think about instead of just listening to and they mean something to the listener. These include examples of ignoring the ones who go against you or not thinking about all the negative things that happen to you. Any dedicated fan to BVB or the genre of music would love this album and have waited since 2011 for this new release.
Along with this album, the Black Veil Brides released a movie, The Legion of the Black, about the characters they created in F.E.A.R. (‘For Every & All Religion.’) Although I have not yet watched the movie, this CD is leading me to have this urge of watching it very soon. Andrew Biersack spent days on end creating the songs. This concept album is an extraordinary work of art and you could obviously tell that the Black Veil Brides worked very hard on The Wretched and Divine.