If youare into punk music, you will love The Suicide Machines, a band fromMichigan. The four members are Jason Navarro on vocals, Royce Nunley onbass, Dan Lukacinsky on guitar and Erin Pitman on drums replacing DerekGrant.

The Suicide Machines have three albums; their first on amajor label was “Destruction by Definition.” This albumconsists of mainly new-school punk similar to Rancid, and a heavy doseof ska. My favorites off this album are “No Face,” aspectacular ska song, and “Hey,” a song that beautifullycombines punk and ska.

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The Suicide Machines’ second album is”Battle Hymns,” and focuses on the roots of punk music,similar to Operation Ivy. “High Society” is an excellent punksong, and “Black and White World” deals with the brutishrealities of society. The Suicide Machines self-titled third CD wasreleased this February. To hear the single “Sometimes I Don’tMind,” go to www. suicidemachines.com.

The band also puts onan excellent live performance; I’ve seen them twice. The crowds wereespecially rowdy, and the mosh pits were outrageous both times. Peoplewere getting stomped left and right. I left with minor bruises, but itwas well worth it.

The downside of the night was I brought myvideo camera and the manager seized it. I asked if I could get my tapeand he said, “Why don’t you go ask the Suicide Machines, they’reout back.” Astonished, I went to meet them. I first talked to Erin,who was signing autographs. I told him how big a fan I was and asked ifI could get Royce’s autograph. (I like Royce because I play bass too.)Instead of just getting Royce’s autograph he got Royce, which was quitepossibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Royce was verycool and told me all about how the band made it big, and how he learnedto play bass.

I really suggest purchasing their albums if youare looking for something new, or if you like punk.