The last album I have to review before their new album comes out, let’s do this.
Future Sequence is the sequel to the Parallax Ep including 75 minutes of one epic space adventure. In fact, you could actually get a spacesuit for your purchase of the album, but I’m not sure if that’s still going so don’t get your hopes up. Anyways, 12 tracks of awesome are all fit into one neat little story revolving around Prospect 2(the one on the Red Planet) who attempts to destroy Prospect 1`s planet with the help of the Night Owls. With songs like Astral Bodies and Lay Your Ghost To Rest, that setting is set up perfectly. The 15 minute track Silent Flight Parliament also is a good way to finish off the story. The track Extromotphile Elite also shares a tube from the previous album(…Walking Into a certain state of confusion…) but slightly different here. They went all out with this one even including transition tracks in here as well. My favorites are Telos, Bloom, and Lay Your Ghost To Rest though. I see no flaws in this at all but if you do, that’s on you. All I can say is, wow!
I must give this a 10/10. Thus concludes the discography reviews, at least for now. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.