If you liked “Don’t know to party, ” or “Ska Core the Devil and More,” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, this new CD is one you definitely need to pick up. With songs like “The Impression that I get” and “Let’s Face It,” this CD is well worth purchasing. I know this because of the recent appearance on Modern Rock live and listening to their new CD. Their music is a good contribution to the ska sense of music and is also good to listen to because this band is not controversial when compared to musical acts like rapper Tupac or Marilyn Manson. It is just good music. The other tracks on the CD are just as great. The new music has changed very little, it is still the same good quality musical talent of Dicky Barret and the rest of the band. So if you buy it, you will not be disappointed. But, hey, don’t take it from the biggest fan, find out for yourself on “Let’s Face It.” .