I’ve talked about this band before a couple months ago in fact with The Serpent and The Sphere. Now I think I’ll go back a ways and mention their most critically acclaimed currently. Agalloch is a band that’s able to combine the vocals of black metal, the atmosphere of progressive metal, the drug inducingess of post rock, and put it all into a nice little package. This is especially the case with this album here because the atmosphere here feels like your lost in a forest of snow and almost don’t want to leave but you do anyways at the end and succeed at the end of the album.
The guitar and drum repetition makes for the slow and beautiful atmosphere you can fall asleep to as your listening to this album. I’m not saying its bad at all in fact its freaking awesome to see what the guys in Portland, Oregon are doing to make this so good. The problem newcomers may have is the long tracks that are present in this album but once you get used to it, you should be fine. Another common problem would be the lack of vocals, but it sounds so beautiful, you want as little as possible maybe even just cut them all out together. Agalloch will be a band for the ages, their let ability to create wonderful atmosphere is astonishing.
The albums eating shall be another 10/10. This is the Grim Reaper, signing off