The Lumineers are a new Americana style band. Their music is very diverse; some songs are upbeat and lively while others are slower and deeper. The lyrics tell stories about their personal lives as well as broader subjects. I fell in love with the first song of theirs I heard, Ho Hey. Ho Hey was their first popular song and it is played on the radio frequently. It is one of the more upbeat songs. Other songs they have released are Submarines, Dead Sea, Stubborn Love, and Big Parade. They are all excellent but my favorite is Submarines. It is one of the most happy-sounding songs and has excellent lyrics. No other songs are as creative as Submarines.

The Lumineers have only one album, ‘The Lumineers’. Their style is Americana. Americana can be described as folk rock type music. There are some love songs and songs of remembrance. It is all very original, and they are really putting themselves out there in the world of music. The lyrics are beautiful. They may seem simple at first, but all the songs have a deeper meaning than the first impression. In ‘Submarines’, there are many interpretations of what it could be about. The first impression would be about someone who said they saw something odd and unexpected, which was seeing a Japanese submarine lurking on the coast. No one believed the person, but they ended up being correct. This might be based off a true event and it might represent something else. The lyrics to other songs also have different impressions but they are all amazing.

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The whole album is unique and different from any other artists that are popular. Some standout songs are Big Parade, Dead Sea, and Submarines. These songs are the catchiest in the album as well as having the best lyrics. ‘Big Parade’ and ‘Dead Sea’ are the types of songs that you will listen to on a lonely bus ride home. ‘Submarines’ is a fun song that you’ll listen to with your friends. One of the only songs that sag in this album is Flowers in Her Hair. It is not a bad song; it is just slower than the others and has a sad feel to it. There are not a lot of other artists that I know about who sing Americana style music, and that’s why a lot of people like their music. They are very unique.

The songs in this album are very unique and catchy. A 9/10 would justify “The Lumineers” for their wonderful lyrics and diverse music. The Lumineers deserve to be listened to by everyone, from kids to the elderly and teems to adults.