As all City and Colour lovers out there know, Dallas Green’s style is generally consistent throughout his albums. The sound of his acoustic guitar paired with his smooth voice is Green’s artistic signature, but “The Hurry and the Harm” is quite different. Every track features a full band, which creates a very different audio experience for the listener.

The tracks on this album are dynamic. Each song has its own distinctive sound. The title song, which is first on the album, is upbeat and contains a simple backing track including a steady drum beat. It is probably the most representative of City and Colour’s previous work.

Yet pushing beyond those limits, the track “Thirst” is quite different from Green’s casual yet comforting style. This song is more mainstream and sounds like top 40. My personal favorites, “Commentators” and “Paradise,” are unique tracks with great messages. “Believing all you have is wonderful instead of everything that you lack” is a powerful line that inspires the listener. “Paradise,” an extremely catchy song, contains the lyric “I’m searching for a paradise that I just can’t seem to find.” That is what life is all about, searching for things that make you happy and then pursuing them. This song is exceptionally deep and delves into Green’s mind, as most of his music does.

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For those who have never heard a City and Colour song, this album is a must-listen. It is Green’s best by far as it has something for everyone. His range is so sophisticated and this album includes the usual alternative sound in addition to several pop and rock aspects. “The Hurry and the Harm” includes songs about current subjects, comedic ideas, catchy songs, and a number of the finest instrumental breaks ever produced. This album has a theme and overall sound that everyone will fall in love with.