Within Temptation may be a familiar name if you happen to just start out in the symphonic metal genre. While they are a but more on the mainstream side of symphonic metal, that doesn’t mean they suck, quite the opposite to be honest. This album is a true example of that being how epic and symphonic it sounds. Coming from the great land of the Netherlands, Sharon Den Adel and the gang know what they’re doing with this massive 11 track album.
From songs like the popular What Have You Done and Frozen to the epic Our Solemn Hour, The Heart of Everything and The Truth Beneath The Rose, you really can’t stress something as good as this.
What does the album mean to me, it means my nostalgia, plain and simple but just barely missed Dark Passion Play in terms of nostalgia and its overall greatness. Sadly, some of you may think I’m underrating, but to me, I’m really not. I love it so much but it really isn’t as good as Dark Passion Play(and if you want to see my thoughts on that album, click on my name and just look from there).
It’s still a great nonetheless, I can’t deny that at all no matter how hard I try. As usual, I give this album a rating. For this one I give it an 8.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.