Hamilton: An American Musical has taken young people by storm since its Broadway debut in 2015. Lin-Manuel Miranda created this musical, historical sensation- but did you know he also created The Hamilton Mixtape?

This unique collaboration of Miranda and some of today’s top artists features songs that Hamilton fans will recognize (“Wait For It”, “It’s Quiet Uptown”, “Burn”, ect.) and some exclusive tunes [“Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)”, “Congratulations”, “An Open Letter”, ect.]. The genre alternates throughout the album, as well as the singer: Alicia Keys croons in “That Would Be Enough”, Sia pairs with Miguel and Queen Latifah for “Satisfied”, Jimmy Fallon even makes an appearance and provides some comic relief in “You’ll Be Back”.

The clever lyrics and sweeping composition will be sure to hook any hard-core Hamilton fan and someone just looking for a fun album alike. Overall, I would suggest The Hamilton Mixtape. Between the one of a kind cast of artists, interesting lyrics, and grabbing composition, this album is a true piece of art.

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