Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta has officially outdone herself; The Album ‘The Fame Monster’ is unique and individual. It expresses her true self in which i believe all music should do.
Solely written by herself this album rejoices in her own individuality and is an inspiration.
This all sounds very ‘Cliche’ but listening to the raw lyrics you can feel her feelings and understand her thoughts.

The mixture of emotional songs ‘Speechless’ and ‘So Happy I Could Die’ and the collection of Heavy Beat songs ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Alejandro’ create a insanely beautiful mix.

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I personally love the way she speaks of topics other song writers won’t speak of and in ways that make it acceptable.
For example one of my personal favourites ‘So Happy I Could Die’ is about her confusion in her own sexuality (when i say this i mean whether she is straight, homosexual or bisexual not whether she is a hermaphrodite) and the way she reassures herself in her feelings.

This is what i mean when i say that she is an inspiration, she isn’t afraid of being proud of what she is; how could she not be an great example for how to be your own woman and how to be individual?

I could write forever about her, for instance did you know she called her self ‘Lady Gaga’ after the hit song by Queen, ‘Radio Ga Ga’?
Anyway my obvious conclusion is that she is a Smash Hit and an inspirational woman. I believe she was born to inspire and to express her own views and feelings and if she stopped and quit tomorrow she would still go down an international icon and legend.