It seems that everyone is either a lover or a hater. Some people label her as an attention-seeking freak while others flock to her concerts to watch her outrageous performances. Personally I’m a Little Monster all the way and I think she’s awesome. While some of todays music is horrible, Lady Gaga opens up and puts so much emotion into her music.
For anyone who has doubts, just listen to her live. Her voice is so powerful that everthing sounds amazing. Some of her videos are a little strange, and sometimes she really is kind of weird. She just puts so much into singing and playing piano though. If you still don’t believe me watch any videos of her live online.
Another thing about Lady Gaga is that she always stresses how important it is to be yourself. She sends out a really good message.
While I realize that this might not be everybody’s favorite kind of music, you have to admit that she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.