Woah, what’s this? A rap album? Yes, yes it is. Now I’m not sure if you know but I actually could consider myself an Eminem fan. When it comes to rap his verses fit well with the background, are fast and evoke incredible lyricism that could range anywhere from comical to haunting as f#!k.
The Eminem Show is a special case because, as the name implies, it is basically set up like a theater of rap. Complete with skits, curtains, and an album cover of Eminem in a theater. Not to mention the tracks that you find here like Superman, Cleaning Out My Closet and Sing For The Year, the latter of which is literally inspired by Dream On by Aerosmith. Who wouldn’t like this album anyways. Yes there’s alot of swearing so virgin ears beware but it just adds to the intensity which is what I live for. I know your you’re about ready to burst into confused laughter so I might as well cut to the chase.
Theatrical effects are also something else I love which also just adds to the stage presence. I may not be a professional rapper, heck I’m barely even qualified as one, but someday, I can reach Slim Shady`s ability of freestyle rap and normal rap. But what else can I say? Exactly, nothing.
I have to give this album an 8.5/10.