The Cataracs

The Cataracs is a two-man group who does both pop and hip-hop music. Their message is about their lives and sometimes their partying. Most of their music is soothing and they make different songs of different types. Some of their songs include rap and some are just singing.

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One of their songs called “Baby Baby” describes their love and is them singing. Another one of their songs, “2nite”, talks about all the things the do on their free time. Their newest song, “Top Of The World”, describes their relationships. Their songs have many different messages and describe real-life.

Their newest album, “Song We Sung In Showers”, is smoother and less hardcore than their first album. Their first album, “Technohop Vol. 1”, is filled with more rap songs than their newest album. So far, they have four albums and one coming out this year. The Cataracs are a free group and their songs fall under different genres.