You are in a Brazilian samba, you are in a gospel church, you are in New York, you are in South Africa. You are fifty years ago, you are fifty years from now. You are everywhere at every time and this is “The Beginning of the End,” the new double-CD from David Zoffer.

It’s time to put away your Hootie and the Blowfish and your Dave Matthews Band, fellow students and teenagers. For those of you who really want to listen to something new and different, this is the way to go. The entire gamut of musical styles awaits you within this jewelbox. It is an eclectic collection of exotic rhythmic patterns, flowing melodies, and wailing guitar licks.

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This soulful, rockin’, swinging album contains some exquisite composition, including the grooviest version of “You Are My Sunshine” ever. Aside from fast-paced jazz standards and originals, “The Beginning of the End” has its peaceful moments, too. The spell-binding ballad “Magic and Distance” is absolutely mesmerizing and “Nica’s Dream” simply enchants the listener into a hopeless musical oblivion.

Soul, energy, solid composition, and sheer talent are the marks of this album. Zoffer’s intense and magical work is not to be missed! .