Yes, we will be covering these guys again. Why not? I mean it’s time to release another review for a new album. I do believe I have some catching up to do as well so I might as well start now while I have the chance. If you don’t know already, Cattle Decapitation is a Grindcore/Deathgrind band that always have one thing on their minds, to ridicule the human nature of eating other animals or using them for other domestic reasons. Yes, when the band first began, every member was a vegitarian and well, didn’t want to eat meat for the reasons I’ve stated above. Despite all that, they are highly respected in the metal community as a whole.

This album includes a total of 12 tracks with just over 45 minutes this time around and doesn’t mess around like their previous releases. This time however, they have some extra tricks up their sleeves, they have more of a melodic feel to this album especially in tracks like Plagueborne or Ave Exitum. This doen’t really detract from the brutallity you get from this album surprisingly enough mostly due to the constant blast beats and they still hit you hard, possibly harder than they ever had. The album cover is actually supposed to symbolize something too, though I can’t remember what at the moment other than we will be living in eternal wasteland…or something along those lines. We start the album with Manifest Extinct, the single from this album, and right from the get-go you get nothing but barrages of constant chugging and blast beats. Travis Ryan seems to have also learned some new vocal techniques for this album, or at least went to perfect it more. Those “cleans” you hear often throughout the album are what I’m talking about here and it’s more like him making a nazelly growl and where he places it could ultimately affect what atmosphere this has, and he knows where to place them too. The instruments also do a good job mixing with each other pretty well for an admittedly unorganized genre. At one point it seems like it takes the high road and gives you a bit of breathing room(mostly in the choruses of each track) and then it goes into breakdown mode with chugging that can give Bullet For My Valentine or Suffocation a run for their money(one’s metalcore and one’s death metal by the way). It’s gross when it needs to be, it’s grimy when it needs to be and in general, it just does everything to try to make your neck fall off while not making it sore. It is really good.

I give this album a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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