“Test for Echo,” the latest album released by Rush, symbolizes almost everything they stand for. Many of the songs deal with problems in America that most people experience or hear about every day. Band members Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart have great skill in song writing and know how to portray their feelings through music. The title song, “Test for Echo,” deals with the problems of the inner-city. Rush sings about gangs and murders and how the media makes a show out of it. Another song, “Driven,” is about people being driven to the edge by their jobs and other things in their lives. Most people never stop to deal with their problems. They just keep on going and end up being, as the song says, “driven to the edge of control.” The other well-known song, “Half the World,” deals with how people get along with each other. It talks about greed, hatred, and communication. One line says “Half the world cares while half the world is wasting the day. Half the world shares while half the world is stealing away.” This great song writing ability is why Rush has been one of the great bands since the 1970’s.