Delaney Gibson is an established independent singer-songwriter who has been recognized for songs such as “La Di Da,” “Better Version of Me, and “Chicago.” With two other full length albums to her name, she has proven that you do not have to be a huge celebrity to be a dynamic artist. With her debut and sophomore efforts, she creatively intertwined top forty pop which held strong on a singer-songwriter base. Her third album, Tall Like The Tree, which is set for release to the general public later this month (fans who backed her PledgeMusic campaign received advanced copies) shows that Delaney is still at the forefront of what she is doing and truly a mastermind. She plays with emotions throughout tracks touching on what seems to be anger, love, loss, and love again. Her powerful vocal range fits smoothly within the theatrical like production Joshua Bartholomew brings to the table. After nearly four years between albums, she shows the most growth on “Lions,” a powerful ballad that talks about the viscous state of mankind. Songs like, “Be,” “Give Up The Ghost,” and “When We Were Young” provide the energy it requires to make a Delaney Gibson album complete. To me, her vocals resemble the likes of Jewel on the song, “Your Heart Is My Home.” Overall, this album is one masterpiece Delaney should be very proud of. Music lovers worldwide should rush to listen to this collection as I promise, you will relate to at least one song on this record. Tall Like The Tree is truth, and rightfully shows Delaney will continue to grow “tall like the tree” for many years to come.