Whether you’re cruising down the highway with your friends, listening to “Different Colors,” or reminiscing over adolescent infatuation with “Sidekick,” Walk the Moon’s second studio album, “Talking Is Hard,” will leave you with a good feeling.

Four years after releasing their self-titled debut, Walk the Moon has made a huge comeback. The wait has definitely been worth it. With songs like “Up 2 U” and “Avalanche,” the band builds tension for the listener and channels an older era of ’80s pop-rock. Then the robust chorus comes in and separates the vocals like an explosion of ecstasy consisting of fast guitar riffs and upbeat synthesizers. These songs will easily get embedded in your memory.

Intoxicatingly sugary, upbeat songs are what Walk the Moon does best. If you’re looking for poetic or inspirational lyrics, “Talking Is Hard” may not be for you. But if you are interested in ’80s-esque synthesizers, like those in “Portugal,” or the heavy vocal harmony found in “Work This Body,” this album is perfect.

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The boy-meets-girl storyline in “Shut Up and Dance” evokes images similar to the band’s debut single “Anna Sun.” It is the perfect disco-?flavored summertime track we have all been unknowingly waiting for. You will be air-guitaring and dancing along before you know it! Another fun song is “Spend Your $$$.” It has a message that’s almost parodic but is very true. Loud guitars, humorous lyrics, and fast-paced drumbeats animate this song.

Other tracks include “Come Under The Covers,” a slow, relationship-focused tune, and “Aquaman,” which has a relaxing, island-paradise vibe. “Down in the Dumps” is another cut that delivers on almost every level. It may seem slow at first, but the drums quickly kick in and the chorus turns into a riptide that doesn’t let you go. One of my favorites is “We Are the Kids.” With the lyrics “There’s mud on my shoes, there’s sun on my skin/I am brand new/We shout at the cops, we howl at the moon,” the song leaves listeners with a nostalgic, young-and-reckless feeling.

Talking may be hard for the Cincinnati-based quartet, but their music speaks for itself. Their flavorful synth solos, quirky lyrics, and intoxicating guitar riffs culminate in happy-go-lucky tunes that leave a smile on your face and a song stuck in your head.