When someone mentions Punk rock music only one band comes to my mind almost immediately, that band is non other than Blink-182.

Blink-182 is a Punk-rock band that emerged from a suburb in southern California back in 1992, It’s been nearly twenty years since their first studio Album release “Cheshire Cat” and fifteenth years since the band reached commercial success with their third studio album “Enema of the State.”
Every since they reached mainstream status the band has became a household name. and the release of its fourth studio album “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” only added to their fame.

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In 2001, Blink- 182 released their fourth studio album “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” The album had near immediate success, it produced three Hit singles; ” Rock Show”, ” Stay together for the kids”, and ” First Date”. Altogether this album has sold over 14 million copies.

This is the album that made me a Blink-182 fan back in middle school. I heard it and Bam, I was in love with the voices of Tome Delonge and Mark Hoppus, And Travis Barkers Drumming was just, wow ,it’s extraordinary. I loved the Punk Rock vibe. It was the first Punk Rock album that I had ever listened too. The album defiantly influenced my future music taste and preferences, which I am grateful for. and even though I was in love with the entire album. It was the single ” Stay together for the kids” that made me a fan for life.

“stay together for the kids” is a beautiful song, and I could relate to every word that was sung. I’m pretty sure most teenagers can these days. This song really hits home. It’s based off of Tom Delonge’s own teenage experiences with family issues and divorce. This album is like the narration of a teenagers life in the format of 13 songs.

Its truly amazing how much they got into the album. The album itself is only Thirty eight Minutes and fifty six seconds long. But they made it work, They worked in songs about First dates, and Rock shows. And everything else in between. It gives young people a voice.
It sheds light on the troubles and emotions that us teenagers feel. The first song on the album ” Anthem Part 2″ proves my point.

” Anthem Part 2″ Basically is a song about how young people have no voice in their lives until they become an adult themselves. I know that this is they way most teens feel, They feel as though their parents are trying to run their lives for them. That they have no say in anything that involves their lives until its too late to change anything.
So, Yes This song, This entire album really hits home for the youth of the world today.

Blink-182 did an amazing job writing the album. Its this kind of music that gains new fans and still manages to keep the old ones.