One Direction

The album ‘Take Me Home’ by One Direction is a very diverse and up-beat set. The band did well and had a nice blend of voices.

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This boy band started out on UK X-Factor as individuals, but they were paired up by judge Simon Cowell and later signed by him. Although, they came in third place they still got a contract. Their new album ‘Take Me Home’ is a catchy set that is not like their other album. Their other album ‘Up All Night’ was a shorter set and it wasn’t as mature as this one.
This album is mostly about relationships, but other than that it is a fun filled diverse set. The songs are sweet, for example “You’ll never love your self half as much as I love you, and you’ll never treat your self right darling but I want you to” and “They don’t know I’ve waited all my life.” The song ‘Little Things’ stands out because of how sweet and slow it is compared to the other songs.

This album is less altered and techno than all the other albums so that makes it stand out. Over all I give it an eight out of ten because it’s not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.