Take Care…of this album.

It was a chilly Novemburr afternoon when I heard Drake’s “Headlines” on the radio. It made me want to nod my head along and rap like a G and I knew right away that I wanted to hear the entire album.

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Famous rapper and Canadian hit-show actor? Yes. Native Canadian, Aubrey Graham’s rise to fame was on a TV show called Degrassi. Aubrey played a quadriplegic basketball player who was very popular and learned how to solve typical, everyday, teenage problems throughout the course of an episode. His role ended in 2009 where he went on to pursue his rapping career.

Drake’s first few songs like,“Best I Ever Had” and, “Successful” were instant hits. “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on, that’s when you the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong” is a very popular line and made him famous with the ladies.

The tracks on Take Care all had a couple of themes in common like, his failures in love and his fears of living an unhappy life. In his song “Look What You’ve Done”, it features a voicemail from his grandmother at the end of the song. In “Shot For Me”, he is talking about how his ex-girlfriend left him and he says to her, “Girl I can’t lie, I miss you. You and music were the only things that I commit to.” I bet she’s really regretting that decision! Ha-ha.

My overall opinion of this album is A-plus-plus. Although I wouldn’t play it at a party to dance along to, I would recommend it for having a chill night with your Bros. It’s full of introspection and some smooth beats perfect for a late night.